Introducing the Llama and Cactus Classroom Theme Pack!

Llama and Cactus Theme Pack

Written by Emma (Teach Starter)

They’ve done it again! The designers and illustrators in the Teach Starter office have produced another AMAZINGLY cute and funky resource for you!

Back in April, an ingenious Teach Starter customer used our request a resource widget to put through an idea for a new classroom theme pack…

Well, we heard your request and we delivered! Bring the fiesta to your classroom with the Llama and Cactus Classroom Theme Pack!

Llama and Cactus Classroom Theme Pack - What a Great Idea!

I know right? How cute is this!?

Now, don’t be thinking that this is an ALPACA and Cactus theme pack…they aren’t the same thing! For a great Alpaca related activity, check out the Funky Alpaca Craft Template!

This adorable classroom theme pack contains all you need to streamline your classroom theme and update your classroom decor. Print off the whole pack, or download individual resources to put some llama and cactus into your life!


What’s in the Llama and Cactus Classroom Theme Pack?

Like all our classroom theme packs, this resource will give you everything your classroom needs to be fully decked out – don’t miss a thing!

Classroom Display

Create amazing teaching displays with these funky resources!

Link to related topics, such as our display on South America! Or, simply use it as a cute general classroom display theme.

Llama and Cactus Theme Pack - Create a Wall Display

Take a look at these resources for llama- and cactus-themed classroom displays:

Classroom Organization

Once you’ve set up a glorious classroom display, don’t forget the rest of your room!

Llama and Cactus Theme Pack - Grouping Posters

The laid back llamas and cacti in this design create a truly funky, yet calming vibe! Decorate your walls and furniture and organize your students with this quirky and cute theme.

Turn your room into an organized oasis with these useful resources:

Teacher Organization

If you feel as though your teacher diary needs a refresh, look no further than this theme pack.

These cute little llamas will have you loving your planning!

The Llama and Cactus Classroom Theme Pack - it has everything you need for planning and organisation!

We have just the pages you need to spruce up your weekly brainstorming time. Track your students’ assessment, schedule your week, and keep track of your month with these resources:

Student Rewards

It’s a fiesta for everyone with these funky student awards!

Llama and Cactus Classroom Theme Pack - Reward your students

Sometimes students get tired of the same dollar-store stickers.

Working towards earning a Llama and Cactus – Star Student Badge or Llama and Cactus – Award Certificate is a goal your students will get on board with! They will be able to feel a sense of community and belonging when their award matches their classroom vibe!

Lesson Tools

Finally, integrate the llamas into your lessons! These lesson tools are all you need!

Llama and Cactus Classroom Theme Pack - Lesson tools

Isn’t it nice when things just tie together?

Bring the fiesta to your room next school year!

Classroom Theme Pack - Llama and Cactus

Download the Llama and Cactus Classroom Theme Pack today!

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