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Giant Colouring Sheet

Written by Emma (Teach Starter)

Stop whatever you’re doing right now!

Have you checked out our NEW Giant Coloring Sheet?

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Giant Colouring Sheet

Our amazing designer, Clayton, has put together this MASSIVE coloring sheet for you and your students. Let your kids go wild with some pencils and crayons and you have yourself a wonderful, color-popping addition to your learning space!

Colouring Sheet - Clayton

The best thing? This isn’t just a coloring activity. It has loads of wonderful uses which will make your life as a teacher a whole lot easier.

Giant Coloring Sheet

Our Giant Coloring Sheet has a number of amazing uses to help your students in whatever way they need. Individually, or as a group, your class will love the opportunity to be creative with the funky and unique designs across this 8-page spread.

How to assemble:

If you’re printing this resource in all of its 8-page tabloid glory, there are some simple steps to follow:

  1. Print out the Giant Coloring Sheet one-sided on tabloid paper.
  2. Cut along the DOTTED lines only, starting with page A1. As you progress through each page, align it with the border on the previous page. E.g Page A2 aligns with the border labeled A2 on page A1.
  3. Continue through this process, aligning B1 underneath A1 and so forth.
  4. Once you’ve reached page B4, cut off the entire border, attach, and you’re done!

Giant Colouring Sheet Assembly

You may like to place this resource on a communal table in your classroom, or alternatively why not back it with some cardboard and hang it in a blank space on the lower half of a wall in your classroom? This way students can sit in front of it and color, and it doesn’t matter if they press a little too hard!

Mindfulness Break

If you have some special students who would benefit from a calm down every now and then, this is the resource for you. Mindful coloring has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety in children (and adults!).

Colouring Sheet - Mounted on the Wall

Have this resource ready to go in the corner of your room for when a child needs it most.

You may like to have a class discussion before introducing this coloring sheet as a mindfulness tool.

You want your students to understand that everyone colors in their own unique way and they need to be respectful of that. No one gets ‘dibs’ on any section of the page – if you’ve started coloring an area but run out of time, then it’s ok for someone to take over, and color it in the way they choose. This is what makes resources like this unique and a whole-class project!

Group Challenge

This spread also prints well across letter-size pages!

If you are wanting to inspire your students to finish their work more quickly as a whole class, why not set a group coloring challenge?

  1. Group your students in groups of 4 or 5.
  2. Print a copy of the Giant Coloring Sheet for each group on letter-size paper.
  3. Each time a member of a group finishes their work early, they get to go over to their designated coloring station to spend a quick 5 minutes on their groups spread.
  4. The group that colors in their pages the fastest (and neatest!) gets the prize!

Drawing Inspiration

Do you have students who are hesitant to participate in drawing activities? They either don’t think they’re good enough at drawing or can’t think of anything to create!

The funky designs on this coloring sheet are not just good for filling with color, they’re also great for providing your students with some drawing inspiration!

Colouring In Sheet - Close Up

With an assortment of everyday objects turned into neat illustrations, this coloring spread makes an amazing stimulus for creative drawing.

Independent Fast Finisher

Coloring as a fast-finisher reward is a well-loved pastime for many students!

Did you now you can also print this coloring sheet off in its entirety on one sheet of letter paper? That’s right!

Giant Colouring Sheet

Print one copy of this amazing resource on letter-size for each student. This will give fast finishers and busy hands a quiet activity to color at their desks, completely independently.

Concentration Station

Use this activity as a quick concentration task to get your students back on track after a busy lunch break.

Finding little elements in the Giant Coloring Sheet is a great way to help students switch their brains on, and zoom in on the classroom!

Why not ask questions such as:

  • How many musical instruments are in the picture? Who can name them?
  • Can you find and color all the numbers?
  • Which everyday shapes can you see?
  • How many stars are in this picture?
  • Name all the verbs you can see in this picture.

Colouring In Sheet - Close Up

The list of things to spot is endless!

There really is no end to the usefulness of this coloring sheet.

So, what are you waiting for? Download this amazing new resource today!

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