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Written by Scott (Teach Starter)

We are excited to unveil some clever new features that will significantly help to streamline your Teach Starter experience.

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Gallery is your own personalised teaching resource hub. It contains a history of resources you have downloaded, starred and created in Studio, along with your most popular requests and custom made collections.

To access Gallery, simply click on the folder icon in the navigation bar above (if you’re on a phone, we haven’t added Gallery to the mobile navigation just yet).

A number of our members have asked for the ability to see resources they have previously downloaded. This feature is now available in Gallery!

Along with your download history, you will also have access to:

  • your requests
  • your starred resources
  • your Studio files
  • your collections.


An important part of Gallery is collections. Collections give you the ability to group resources however you would like.

There are many different ways you can use collections to enhance your Teach Starter experience.

  • Do you have students struggling with a specific strand of work? Create a collection and begin collating resources suitable for those students.
  • Perhaps you would like to save resources to print later? Create a collection called ‘To Print’ and begin adding resources to it.
  • Maybe you have a digital whiteboard? Create a collection and collate PowerPoint presentations and highly visual resources that you would prefer not to print.
  • Are you a substitute teacher? Create collections for different year levels and add useful resources to each.

These are just some suggestions, however the possibilities are endless! Currently, you can add teaching resources, unit plans, lesson plans and Studio files to collections.

To begin adding resources to collections, start by adding a collection. To do this, you can visit Gallery and click ‘Add Collection’. Alternatively, hover over a resource card, click the folder icon and then click ‘Add Collection’.

Once you have added a collection, you can add resources to it by hovering over a resource card, clicking the folder icon, then clicking the collection you would like to add it to. Another way to do this is directly on a resource page. Simply click the folder icon, then click the collection you would like to add the resource to.

If you are logged in to your Teach Starter account, try adding a collection and then adding a resource to it, using these resources:

If you don’t have a Teach Starter account, sign up here for free.

Remember, to view your collections, simply visit the Gallery.


Preview makes it easier for you to see what’s in a resource. It’s a quick sneak peek, without having to click on the resource card.

We were finding that as our resources progressively become larger and more complex bodies of work, we needed a way to adequately showcase what was in a resource. Two years ago, the majority of our resources were one to two page posters, whereas now we are routinely creating 20+ page resources with a myriad of features, such as posters, activities, worksheets and more. Having this content hidden behind a single thumbnail, just wasn’t doing our resources justice!

To use preview, simply hover your mouse over a resource card and, if it has multiple image thumbnails, a slideshow will begin showing you the contents of the resource. This saves you time and makes it easy to find the resource you need, without having to click on each one.

Try it here:

Product Roadmap

Teach Starter constantly evolves. Whether it is our team of talented illustrators and teachers adding brilliant new resources daily, or new features being rolled out on the website, we strive to ensure that you receive the most value for your subscription possible.

Over the past 12 months, we have added an astonishing 20,000+ pages of teaching resources. For those of you in the second or third year of your subscription, you are essentially gaining more and more value for the same price. While we can’t guarantee that your subscription cost won’t ever change – we are certainly appreciative of our loyal members, which is why you will notice that your subscription fee has remained the same.

Part of being an innovative company is constant evolution of our product. We spend hours daily reflecting on ways that we can improve our service and add value to your subscription. This process allows us to maintain a product roadmap that encourages daily updates to the website. While other websites rely on a full site refresh every two to three years, we adhere to a continuous integration lifecycle, that means new features are made available to you as soon as they are ready.

We plan on adding even more great features to Gallery over the coming weeks. These features include the ability to:

  • upload your own files to access anywhere, as well as use in Studio (Use case: perhaps upload your school’s logo and use it in a custom made Studio resource)
  • share your collections with other members
  • collaborate on collections with other members.

Regarding Teach Starter as a whole, we have some very exciting ideas in our product roadmap that we can’t wait to share with you as soon as they are ready!

If you have any questions, ideas or feedback for the Teach Starter team, please comment below or email [email protected]

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