Number Talk Cards – Your New Math Warm-Up Routine

Number Talks Cards - Your New Maths Warm Up

Written by Emma (Teach Starter)

Get ready to give your math warm-up or small group routine a shakeup!

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Introducing Number Talks Cards!

Do you ever feel as though the start of your math lessons are a little bit… repetitive? Chanting and fact tests have their place, but if you do them all the time they can become less of a challenge, and more of a chore for students.

Number Talks are short, daily activities that allow students to have meaningful and highly engaging conversations about mathematics. Simply show students the front of the card, and ask the prompts on the back. These exchanges will lead to the development of more accurate, efficient, and flexible strategies for students.

Number Talks - Making Ten

We have so many concepts in our Number Talks Resource Collection – you are sure to find something you need! Why look anywhere else?

Number Talks - Building Numbers

The Importance of Math Warm-Ups

You wouldn’t ask an athlete to run a race or a singer to go on stage without warming up first!

Some might say that warming up your students’ math brains at the start of a lesson is the most important part of the session.

Warm-ups spark student interest before diving into your content by practicing known, related information.

Reviewing familiar math content can help students practice their base knowledge, bringing this understanding to the front of their minds so it’s ready to access when they dive into the newer, trickier stuff!


Number Talks Cards

We currently have over 35 different sets of Number Talks Task Cards! From place value to fractions for grades PK to 6, there’s sure to be something to suit your class and topic. I’ve chosen to feature just a few below, so make sure you head over to the Number Talks Resource Collection and check them out for yourself!

Number Talks - Place Value

Setting Up Your Number Talks

We have published a set of posters to help your students develop the correct discussion skills to help you with your number talk sessions.

The Number Talks – Hand Signal Poster Pack contains 5 posters to encourage your students to use hand signals to show their thinking process during a number talk session. This strategy also prevents students from raising their hands or blurting out when they have found a solution, which can be intimidating and anxiety-inducing for those around them.

Number Talks - Hand Signals Posters

To go with these posters, we have also released a Number Talks – Sentence Starters Poster Pack to encourage your students to use respectful and productive language during their number talk sessions!


They even have blank speech bubbles for your class to come up with their own thoughtful sentence starters!

Grade 1

In this teaching resource pack, you’ll find everything you need to get your students started in areas of place value, subitizing, and number recognition.

Number Talks - Maths Warm-Up activities

These beautiful resources will encourage your students to cement their knowledge of all things numbers.

Here are just a few of the amazing resources found in this pack:

Grade 2

Extend your students’ knowledge of number and place value with the Number Talks Teaching Resource Pack – Grade 2!

Number Talks - Maths Warm Up activities

They’ll also love the opportunity to solve equations!

Find these resources and more in the Grade 2 resource pack!

Grade 3

Your Grade 3 students will need help understanding and reviewing the concepts of place value, as well as multiplication and fractional reasoning.

Number Talks - Maths Warm Up activities

Give them the boost they need with these interesting and fun cards!

This teaching resource pack includes:

Grade 4

Take things up a notch with the Grade 4 resource pack! Your students will love learning more and more about math as they get older.

Number Talks - Math Warm Up activities

Help them stretch their brains with these amazing task cards!

Grade 5

In this teaching resource pack, you’ll find everything from fractions and mental division to shapes. It is sure to get your students thinking!

Number Talks - Math Warm Up activities

Here are a few of the sets of task cards that can be found in this pack:

We know your students will love this innovative addition to their math lessons.

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