Symmetry for Kids – Grid Drawing Activities (NEW Resource)

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Written by Emma (Teach Starter)

Symmetry is all around us! Take a look around your home and garden and it’s clear to see – whether it’s a beautiful butterfly, or a tiled pattern in your bathroom, the mathematical principle of symmetry is evident in everyday life. It’s no surprise, then, that it’s an important concept to teach starting from an early age. Reflectional symmetry (or line symmetry) for kids can be a tricky concept – but with the right activities, your students will be nailing it in no time.

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Symmetry for kids - symmetry in nature


Symmetry for Kids – Grid Blocks Activity

When teaching reflectional symmetry, things can get a little… muddled. All those opposite lines and colors – it’s no wonder that young students often end up drawing half a reflection, half the wrong way!

With these symmetry grid activities, your students will be able to take their time, square by square, to make sure their image is perfect.


Guess the Image

Our brilliant designer, Clayton, has put together a whole range of symmetry grid worksheets to help teach your students the principles of reflectional symmetry.

What’s more, there’s an image to suit every child’s interest:

Symmetry activities for kids - guess the image!

Choose from one of these fun pictures, cover up the title, and challenge your kids to guess the completed image!

Complete the Picture

This is an activity that takes time and concentration – but the result is worth the effort!

Complete the picture.

As well as line symmetry, your students will learn a lesson in attention to detail, as well as spacing and grid referencing. If they get a little stuck, the answer sheet can help them figure out where they went wrong.

Color Them In

Once they’ve finished their grid image, they can celebrate by coloring it in!

Color them in.

The wonderful thing about these images is that they show how complete pictures can be created by putting together blocks. This is an entry lesson into how blocks of color can be combined to create larger images, such as in the game Mine Craft.

Create Your Own!

Once the activity has been created, why not create one to share with a friend?

All your students will need is a sheet of grid paper and their imagination.

Create your own.

Challenge them to draw a complete picture that is symmetrical on both sides. Then, they can copy half of the image to another piece of paper to share with a friend.

Want more? Check out some of our other fun Symmetry Grid activities below!

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