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Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

Are you looking for ways to reward and encourage positive behavior virtually? Expectations may have changed slightly this school year, but they are still key for learning to take place in the virtual classroom. For more information on how to set behavior expectations virtually, read Emma’s blog – 10 Virtual Learning Expectations. Once you have set the all-important learning expectations for your students, the next crucial element is to recognize students who are adhering to these new expectations! But, how do you do this virtually? In this blog, we will highlight some digital resources and ideas to introduce a virtual student of the week!

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How to do virtual student of the week

The excitement on your students’ faces when they get named Student of the Week will be priceless!

Virtual Student of the Week Ideas

We have all the resources you need to effectively run a ‘student of the week’ routine in your virtual classroom! To begin with, we have this collection of super helpful resources suitable for digital learning including our Virtual Student of the Week for Lower Grades and our Virtual Student of the Week for Upper Grades.

Virtual Student of the Week

Included in each of these packs:

The Getting to Know the ‘Student of the Week’ Template is a great way for students to discuss why they are proud to be named ‘student of the week’. To make this even easier for digital learning, we have created a Google Slide template of this resource so the student of the week can complete the slide and share it with their classmates online. Included on the Google Slide is a spot for the student to place a picture of themself, a place to explain how being named student of the week makes them feel, some fun facts about themself, some of their favorite things, and more!

Student of the week resources

This Google Slide template provides students the ability to practice their digital skills as well.

This template is also great to help your students get to know their classmates a bit better! For more getting-to-know-you activities check out my blog, Getting-to-Know-You Activities for Distance Learning.

For more age-appropriate questions for the upper grades, our Virtual Student of the Week -Upper Grades is the pack for you!

Virtual student of the week resources

Mystery Student – Student of the Week Resources

Another super cool idea for a student of the week that can be adapted to suit digital learning is our Mystery Student Behavior Management Strategy. While originally created for face-to-face learning, it can easily work digitally as well! The idea behind this strategy is to focus on positive behavior choices rather than negative choices.

Students will love the mystery behind whose name is under the crystal ball.

Mystery Student Resources | Classroom Behavior Management Strategy

Each morning, a student’s name is ‘randomly’ chosen and placed under the crystal ball. Of course, you may need to ensure that the same students don’t get chosen each time. Only you will know whose name is under the crystal ball!

To read more about this strategy – read my blog, Mystery Student Resources | Classroom Behavior Management Strategy.

We are committed to helping during this uncertain time. Check out our collection of Blended Learning Teaching Resources!

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