Two Simple Words That Will Change Your Teaching Forever: You Matter!


Written by Bronwyn
Posted Tuesday January 8

You matter. The work you do matters. The person you are matters. The life you bring to the classroom matters. You are important in this world.

– Gabbie Stroud, Teach Starter Brisbane VIP Teachers’ Event, December 2018.

Reality Check: Teaching is Hard Work

Teaching can be amazing. When you think back over your career to date, I’m guessing most of your memories are pleasant. But we can’t ignore the fact that (as in all jobs) sometimes we have really hard days in teaching. Sometimes we have hard weeks, sometimes we have hard terms or even years.

Teachers Affirmations you matter wellbeing health wellness mental happiness care self

To gloss over or minimise these times isn’t helpful. It’s so important to acknowledge our own feelings about what we’re experiencing, and to seek support from those around us.

That’s not easy when you’re in the middle of a hectic week of teaching. Which is every week, really.

 How to Cope with the Tough Times in Teaching

When everything’s a priority, how do you not only get yourself on the list, but bump yourself up to the top?

You remember that you matter.

How simple is that?

At our recent Brisbane VIP Teacher’s event, our special guest Gabbie Stroud gave a powerful message to our guest teachers. You matter.

Gabbie’s heartfelt reminder that every teacher matters:


Think about the impact you have on students. Now think about all of your past students. Think of their siblings, their families, their friends. As a teacher you’ll touch thousands of lives over your career. You need to prioritize your own wellbeing in order to continue to have a positive flow-on effect on the world.

You Are Amazing You Matter Affirmations for Teachers

Affirmations for Busy Teachers

A short time ago, I worked on these beautiful affirmations bookmarks for students. I’ve had one sitting on my desk ever since, which now has me thinking:

We build our students up, offer them praise and positivity, and see them flourish with confidence. Why don’t we offer ourselves the same care?

Teachers Affirmations you matter wellbeing health wellness mental happiness care self

You matter, but it can be easy to forget. Here are some beautiful affirmations that you can jot down in your planner to remind yourself of your value:

  • I matter.
  • I make a difference in young people’s lives.
  • I’m a capable, confident professional.
  • I’ve got this.
  • I’m open to embracing change.
  • My professional judgments are valid.
  • I love what I do.
  • Taking care of myself is important and necessary.

From all of us here at Teach Starter, we wish you a relaxing, rejuvenating and restful summer break.

Don’t ever forget how much you matter!

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