Your Top 10 Favorite Teaching Resources of 2019 (Includes FREE Downloads!)

Your Top 10 Favorite Teaching Resources of 2019

Written by Emma (Teach Starter)

It’s that crazy time between Thanksgiving and the Christmas break when teachers are looking for fresh things to bring to their classrooms. For sure, you’ve seen our amazing What’s Buzzing Magazine and task cards for students, or maybe you were hooked on our Hour of Code teaching resource collection! But maybe you’re still on the hunt for something you may have missed, something that’s a little bit… exciting!

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Well, spread the good news – we’ve got what you need!

Your Top 10 Favorite Teaching Resources of 2019

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We’ve rounded up your top ten FAVORITE teaching resources for 2019. Our most downloaded resources for the year – that’s nothing to laugh at!

There’s something for everyone here – science, literacy, math centers, arts and crafts, and even mindfulness!

So don’t delay, take a look and see what you can download to bring the buzz to your classroom before the year is out.

Your Top Ten Downloaded Teacher Resources for 2019

Numeracy Working Mats

Coming in at number 10 is one of our most popular and EASY math resources! Make your math centers buzz with these math working mats to explore place value, operations, and fractions!

Numeracy Working Mats - Top Ten Downloaded Teaching Resources of 2019

Print out and laminate the mats for students to use repeatedly with a dry erase marker. Alternatively, provide each student with a black and white version to paste into their math journal.

Angles Bingo

Your students will love using these 30 different bingo cards to learn angle pictures, degrees, and names. Pull out the cards with the names of the angles written on them and have students put a marker over the corresponding angle or degree if they have it on their card.

Angles Bingo - Your Top 10 Favorite Teaching Resources of 2019

To extend your class, blank game cards are provided for you to add in your own angles.

Dressing Up A Sentence Activity

What does ‘dressing up’ mean? Brainstorm as a class and write down what the students say. You may have to steer them in the right direction, that dressing up is when you make the effort to look nice and presentable, adding accessories to an outfit, etc. Then turn it into an activity to help encourage students to add more descriptive language into their sentence writing!

Dressing Up a Sentence - Your Top 10 Favorite Teaching Resources of 2019

Read more about this amazing resource in our blog Expanding Sentences | FREE Resource Download To Improve Writing!

First Week of School Activity – All About Me Cube

Even though the first week of school may seem like a distant memory, you loved this one enough for it to last the whole year! It’s perfect for a getting-to-know-you activity at any time of year.

Your Top 10 Favorite Teaching Resources of 2019 - About Me Cube

Use this fun activity whenever you get a new student to help them introduce themselves! And if you’re thinking ahead, check out our Back to School Resource Collection for our other must-have resources.

What Are Forces? Unit Plan

There’s room for science in this count-down too!

Not only did you love our science resources in 2019, but you loved to download a whole Science unit! Coming in at number 6 is one of our many amazing science units. This fun action-packed unit addresses the concept of forces.

What Are Forces? Unit Plan - Your Top 10 Favorite Teaching Resources of 2019

Consisting of 8 x 60-minute lessons, resources, and a fun assessment piece – it’s no surprise that this was one of your favorites.

Funky Turkey Craft Template

We know you love Thanksgiving – because you loved our fun craft activity to create a funky turkey!

The Funky Turkey - Our Most Downloaded Teaching Resources of 2019

We know Thanksgiving is over! But don’t worry, we have a whole range of Funky Craft Activities. Check out the Funky Reindeer Craft Template and Funky Snowman Craft Template – just in time for Christmas!

Funky Pumpkin Halloween Craft Template

It’s more funky craft! Coming in at number 4, a fun Halloween craft activity using a pumpkin with funky glasses. Just look at this guy – what’s not to love?!

Funky-Pumpkin - Top 10 Favorite Teaching Resources of 2019

Students use different patterns to fill in the different sections of the pumpkin. They then choose a pair of funky glasses to finish off the cute pumpkin craft perfect for Halloween craft.

Math Action Words – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Equals

You can’t have a resource count-down without some beautiful and fun classroom displays!

Coming in at number 3 are our Math Action Words posters, a set of five posters each with a list of math action words relating to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and equals.

Math Action Words - Most Downloaded Teaching Resources of 2019

These posters may be simple, but they’re effective! Your students will be learning their math vocabulary in no time!

Mindfulness Activity Task Cards

‘Mindfulness’ means paying attention to the present moment. Sometimes, that’s a little hard for busy little bodies! We developed some amazing Mindfulness printables, activities, and other resources to help you out – and you loved them! Especially this set of 17 task cards with instructions for classroom mindfulness activities.

Mindfulness Activity Task Cards - Top 10 Favorite Teaching Resources of 2019

If you want to incorporate mindfulness into your classroom but you’re not sure how, make sure you read our blog 18 Amazing Mindfulness Activities for the Classroom.

Funky Easter Bunny Craft Template

It’s number 1!

This adorably cute, funky bunny won the download race hands down. And are you surprised?

A fun Easter craft activity using an Easter bunny with funky glasses.


It may not be Easter for a few more months, but save this one for April – you won’t regret it!

And that’s it! Our most-downloaded resources of the year, decided by YOU – our dear teacher friends! We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for 2020!

We hope you’ve had a great 2019!

Best wishes for a happy holiday season!

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