Social skills – Problem solving, emotional regulation, etc. Complete

Suggested by Ally Lovejoy

Activities and work sheets for big problem/little problem, emotional regulation, task initiation, etc. Thanks 🙂

 Grade 3Special Educational Needs

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Hi Ally,

Thanks again for taking the time to submit a request!

We are happy to share that it has now been completed! Please feel free to take a look at the finished request here:

We have created a handful of resources to fit this topic – everything from Task Initiation Bookmarks to an Emotional Strategies Wheel and Reboot Remote! We hope you and your students find these resources to be helpful.

If you have any questions, please reply and our team will be more than happy to help.

Kind regards,

Natalie · Aug 19th, 2020


Hi Ally,

We have some great news! We have just started work on your requested resource:

Social skills – Problem solving, emotional regulation, etc.

This request entails many resources so we will let you know when they have all been completed.

We may contact you over the coming days if we require further information or have any questions.

We can’t wait to share the finished resource with you!

Kind regards,

Natalie · Aug 4th, 2020

I would love to use this resource as well. So many of the children that enter my speech-language therapy room (or who are on my virtual caseload) need to be explicitly taught SEL skills (social emotional learning skills). At the beginning of my career (20 years ago), I thought that the skills in this resource were needed for severely impacted students with disabilities. Now I see that there is great variability in all children (maybe that hasn’t changed; maybe I have just become wiser with experience???) and many children can benefit from learning these skills.

· Aug 3rd, 2020

Tamara Superson

I would definitely use this as a resource as I work with students with severe autism

Tamara Superson · Jul 30th, 2020

Scott (Teach Starter)

Hi Ally,

Thanks again for requesting a Teach Starter resource and to everyone who voting!

Because your request is proving popular and because we’re very keen to create it, we have extended the expiry date by three months! This will allow even more people to vote for your idea. We hope we can create it for you soon!

Kind regards,

Scott (Teach Starter) · Jul 6th, 2020

Andrea Zurita

Yes! I work with kids with behavioral problems and autism.

Andrea Zurita · May 25th, 2020

Susan Intessimone

I’m a behavior teacher and need this!!

Susan Intessimone · Apr 18th, 2020