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Book Report Templates Teaching Resources

Get printable book report templates that will rocket reading to a new level this school year! This teacher-created book report template collection has options for students throughout elementary school, so your 3rd-grade book report writers, 5th-grade readers, and even those sixth graders will have a template ready to scaffold their writing. Each report template is editable, so you can adjust for your lesson and your individual students' needs.

How Do You Structure a Good Book Report?

A book report template is a great scaffold when teaching students the elements of how to write a good book report, providing spaces for important information such as the book title and author's name, as well as a summary of a book's plot and important characters. A book report template may provide students with other questions to provoke thought about their reading and prompt students to explore everything from thematic elements to their own personal feelings about their reading.

What Are the 5 Parts of a Book Report?

These templates cover the five traditional parts most teachers require in their book reports, including:
  1. The title, author, and publication information of the book
  2. A summary of the book's main plot and themes
  3. An analysis of the book's characters and their development
  4. A discussion of the book's setting and its significance to the story
  5. The writer's personal opinion of the book and recommendation (or not) to others.
The collection printables includes templates with interesting shapes and themes to make hunting for that information and collecting it all in one place as fun as the act of reading itself!
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