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Odd and Even Numbers Teaching Resources

Teaching odd and even numbers is about to get easier with printable odd and even number worksheets, sorting activities to download, and even some free teaching resources created by teachers for your elementary school math classes! Whether you're teaching the even and odd numbers concept for the very first time to your 1st-grade or 2nd-grade students, or you're revisiting these digits to explore more advanced math skills with your upper elementary students, this collection of math teaching resources includes curriculum-aligned options to help students meet both Common Core and state-level standards.

What Are Odd and Even Numbers and Why Do We Teach Them?

Of course, you don't become a teacher without knowing that even numbers are integers that are divisible by two with no remainder and odd numbers are the opposite! But if this is your first year teaching this part of the math curriculum or you haven't taught it in a while, it's worth a look at why it's important that students understand what odd and even numbers are to set them up for more advanced math down the line. Knowing that an odd number will not be divisible by 2, for example, will be crucial once they begin learning division.  It's also crucial to understand the difference between an odd number and an even number when it's time to learn about prime numbers or square roots!
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