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Number Line Car Race

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 7 pages | Grades: K - 2

A fun place value game to help students identify numbers on a number line.

Use this teaching resource in the classroom when identifying numbers on a number line.

Print, cut out, and laminate a set of racing cars then print, cut out, and glue together the 0-100 racing track number line. Attach each racing cars to a wooden clothespin.

Place students into small groups and provide each group with a number line, set of racing cars, and dice to play the Number Line Car Race.

All students start the game with their cars on 0. Students take turns rolling the dice. When it is their turn, the player moves their car along the number line the corresponding number of spaces. If playing with two dice, have one represent the digit in the tens place, and the other to represent the digit in the ones place. The first to reach the end of the number line is the winner!

Alternatively, make a class set for students to use as a rotating math center task when learning about place value.


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