Health 5.5

Health behaviors. The student comprehends behaviors that reduce health risks throughout the life span. The student is expected to:

  • (1) describe the use and abuse of prescription and non-prescription medications such as over-the-counter;
    • (A) compare and contrast the effects of medications and street drugs;
    • (B) analyze the short-term and long-term harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco, and other substances on the functions of the body systems such as physical, mental, social, and legal consequences;
    • (C) identify and describe alternatives to drug and substance use;
    • (D) demonstrate strategies for preventing and responding to deliberate and accidental injuries;
    • (E) explain strategies for avoiding violence, gangs, weapons and drugs;
    • (F) describe response procedures for emergency situations;
    • (G) describe the value of seeking advice from parents and educational personnel about unsafe behaviors; and
    • (H) explain the impact of neglect and abuse.

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