PE 4.4

Physical activity and health. The student knows the benefits from being involved in daily physical activity and factors that affect physical performance. The student is expected to:

  • (1) describe the effects of exercise on heart rate through the use of manual pulse checking or heart rate monitors;
    • (A) participate in moderate to vigorous physical activities on a daily basis;
    • (B) identify methods for measuring cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility;
    • (C) identify major muscle groups and the movements they cause;
    • (D) describe the relationship between food intake and physical activity such as calories consumed and calories expended;
    • (E) explain the link between physical activity/inactivity and health such as reduce stress and burn calories;
    • (F) explain the relationship between physical activity and stress relief and demonstrate stress relief activities such as brisk walking, gentle stretching, and muscle tension and release;
    • (G) describe the need for rest and sleep in recovering from exercise; and
    • (H) identify sources of information on skill improvement, fitness, and health such as books and technology.

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