Geography Vocabulary

This list includes 90 words related to Geography Vocabulary.

longitude latitude geography
world region land
capital city capital Earth
equator country continent
degree of latitude degree of longitude geographic coordinates
territory scale bar
scale globe global
hemisphere area legend
key mountain ocean
nation sea level sea
river Southern Hemisphere Tropic of Cancer
Tropic of Capricorn island landform
kilometres east south
north northwest northeast
west time zone southwest
southeast contour line border
elevation pole peak
parallel chart North Pole
South Pole Australia South America
Asia Antarctic Circle mountain range
North America nautical chart
North Magnetic Pole South Magnetic Pole Northern Hemisphere
Eastern Hemisphere Western Hemisphere meridian
altitude atlas street map
road atlas miles map-making
map-maker map Arctic
Arctic Circle Africa weather map
Europe Antarctica tropics
relief map city
magnetic pole prime meridian International Date Line.