Our New Brand

Welcome to our new look.

You’ll soon see it’s not so much a change in direction as an outfit change. We’re still very much the same on the inside 💚.

We've grown quite a bit in the nine years since we began our journey to spark more “aha” moments in your classroom.

We’re a bit wiser, a bit more in tune with what you want now and what you might want in the future, and maybe a touch more sophisticated. We’re updating our look to reflect that.

Our new logo represents what we're about 🌱 The growth that happens when energised teachers inspire their classrooms. You may recognise some new textures and patterns which are influenced by some of our favourite classroom activities.

While we are excited about our new look, we’re still working hard to make sure you have the tools to help you expand what's possible in your classroom. We’re just doing it with more impact.

If you’re new to TS, then welcome. Come in, take a good look around, and don’t be shy about joining our positive and helpful community of teachers.

If you’re an old friend, thanks for everything, and rest assured, we will continue to ensure that every resource is a small win in the making for you and your kids.

In the meantime, we hope you like our new threads.😀

Engaged, interactive and joyful classrooms start here.