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Our Mission

To spark more “aha” moments for every teacher and student.

We believe every little win in the classroom is a step towards a brighter future.

That's why we’re here for the “aha” moments. When a student lights up because they have learned something new. The combined triumphs that bring joy, high-fives and inspire love for learning.

Our curated library of teaching resources, classroom solutions, and educator apps gives K-6 teachers the tools and inspiration they need to design unique and impactful classroom experiences.

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Our Story

We launched as a newsletter for teachers in 2012 and have been busy helping unlock passion, purpose and potential for K-6 teachers and their students ever since.

Operating out of Australia, the US and UK, our diverse team of teachers, designers and product creators find joy in our jobs so teachers can find more in theirs.

“ Your resources work! I’ve been a member for many years and continue to encourage more teachers to become members! It has everything an effective teacher needs to encourage and provide excellent learning experiences for their students! ”
Celia N

Our Values

Agency: We believe in the power of good teachers who are armed with the best tools to teach. We lay the groundwork so that teachers can do the most.

Heart: Teachers pour so much of themselves into their work, and we never lose sight of their passions. We mirror their efforts in our day-to-day.

Impact: We work towards clear goals with a collective vision. We thrive when we see our actions positively impact teachers and students around the world.

Simplicity: We create well-designed resources and ingenious solutions that are easy-to-use and fit for purpose. We never make things more complicated than they should be

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