Back to School 2024

Head back to school in 2024 with activities, classroom decor printables and so many more teaching resources created by teachers for teachers just like you! Whether you're planning for your very first day as a teacher or just your first day of the 2024-2025 school year, we've got you covered with everything you're going to need to make pupils feel welcome when coming back to school and your classroom.

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Back to School 2024

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Explore editable Google Slides templates, printable back to school poems, colouring pages and word searches, inspiring quotes to hang on the walls of your classroom ... and that's just the start of what's in store for your teacher toolkit. Get the peace of mind that you'll be all set to head back into the classroom with everything you need for a successful school year!

Looking for ideas for getting your pupils excited about going back to school? Read on for tips from our teacher team, including back-to-school jokes you can share with your class and some back-to-school songs with a positive vibe to set the tone for the school year!