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Properties of Materials Video - Bendy Objects

Teach Starter Publishing
2 mins | Years: 1 - 2

Explore bendy objects with your students using this science demonstration video perfect for your early years Chemical Sciences unit!

A Properties of Materials Video for Kids

Have you ever wanted to do a science demonstration with your students, but baulked at the amount of materials and preparation required?

Teach Starter makes science demonstrations easy with our series of videos focused on the properties of materials! All you need to do is log in to your paid Teach Starter account, project the video page and press play! No additional stress or planning required!

In this two-minute properties of materials video, your students will observe whether certain objects can be bent. The objects featured in the video include a piece of wire, a playing card, a feather and a teaspoon.

As they watch the video, various multiple-choice questions will be presented on the screen for the students to answer. These include:

  1. How many items that you can see are made out of metal?
  2. Which item bends but goes back to its original shape?
  3. Which of the items listed cannot bend?
  4. Which of the items listed can bend?
  5. Which of the items listed would be most likely to break if bent?

We recommend that you pause the video after each question appears and discuss the possible answers as a class. You might even have the students talk in pairs or a small group before sharing their answers (and the scientific reasoning behind them!) with the rest of the class. 

By the end of the lesson, your class should be able to:

  • Identify some common objects that bend
  • Identify some common objects that do not bend
  • Identify some materials that are considered bendy

Activities to Accompany This Bendy Objects Science Video

Are you looking for more ways to engage your students with bendy objects? Here are some follow-up activity suggestions from our teacher team: 

  1. Bendy Material Hunt – Organise a classroom scavenger hunt where students search for bendy materials around the classroom or school. They can make a list of the materials they find and display them in a designated area of the classroom.
  2. Bendy Material Investigation – Set up exploration stations with different bendy materials such as rubber bands, plastic straws, clay, etc. Students can experiment with these materials, noting their properties and how they can be bent or manipulated.
  3. Bendy Material Design Challenge – Challenge students to design and build a structure using only bendy materials such as straws, pipe cleaners and rubber bands. They can test their structures to see how well they hold up under different conditions.

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This resource is available to watch again and again with your Teach Starter subscription, so you can share it with multiple science classes.

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