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31 Activities and Resources for Teaching Fractions in the Classroom

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Teaching fractions? We have everything you need right here to make learning fractions in the classroom exciting!

Starting off with this super cute comic by Jeff Keane. What a great way to start a fraction lesson, have a discussion with your students about what is happening in this comic.

The Fraction Boogie

This is a great way to get your students up and moving.

Each student will need one piece of newspaper. Students place the piece of newspaper out as a ‘whole piece’. The teacher plays some fun dancing music so that the students can dance along on their piece of newspaper. When the music stops, the students must pick up their piece of paper and fold it in half. They then start dancing on half of the newspaper. Again, the music stops and they fold the piece of paper so that they are dancing on only one quarter. Finally, they fold the newspaper so that they are only dancing on one eighth of the paper.

An activity kids will love doing! They can then unfold their piece of paper to see the folds in the paper. A great discussion can take place after this game about the different fractions they created during this activity.

Make Fraction Teams

Download our Equivalent Fractions Cards.

Provide each student with a fraction card. Explain to the students that they must find their ‘fraction team’, that is, they must gather in a group with all the other students that have a fraction equivalent to the one on their card. Once they have found all the members of their fraction team, they must sit down.

The first fraction team to find all of their correct members is the winner!

Create a Picture or Pattern using Fractions

Use our Fraction Wheels or create your own using coloured paper.

Encourage students to create a pattern with quarters and eighths of a circle. Alternatively, have them create a picture of an object using what ever part of the fraction wheels they want, then work out the total of all the parts.

Fraction Flowers

Inspired by Teach Beside Me these fraction flowers are a fun hands on activity that will help reinforce the concept of fractions.

Use our Fraction wheels to stick on paper plates to create each of the flowers. I printed the fraction wheels two to page and the size was perfect for the paper plates. Mix all the fractions up and have students put the fraction flowers back together.

Fraction Cookie Jar Sorting

This equivalent fractions sorting activity is a great small group or whole-class activity to consolidate students’ understanding of equivalent fractions.

Print and laminate the six cookie jars and the cookies. Provide each student with a cookie. As a class, sort the cookies into the correct cookie jars, according to equivalence.

I Have, Who Has? Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Game

Play this I Have, Who Has? Fractions Game as a whole-class to consolidate students’ understanding of fraction, decimal and percentage equivalence.

Fraction Frenzy Board Game

Play this Fraction Frenzy Board Game with your students to consolidate their understanding of adding and subtracting fractions.

Fractions BINGO!

Play this Pizza Fraction Bingo to help consolidate your students’ understanding of halves, thirds, quarters and fifths. 32 cards are available so this can be played as a whole class or in a small group.

Create a Fractions Flip Book

Create this Fractions Flip Book with your students. You can create a larger version if you download and print this template in A3. The book includes wholes, halves, thirds, quarters, fifths and eighths.

Fraction Card Game

A great game where students create and compare fractions. Best played in pairs. For more information on how to play this card game and other great card games in the classroom, check out our blog – Nine Nifty Ways to use a Pack of Cards in the Classroom.

Mystic Rose Art Work

Have your students create a mystic rose. A fun way to explore fractions around a circle by using a compass to measure the fraction out.


Other Fraction Teaching Resources

Unit Plans and Resources

When you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more ideas… check out these unit plans! Truly life changing to have all of this as a teacher, check them out…

Introduction to Fractions Unit Plan – Year 1 and Year 2

Fractions Unit Plan - Year 1 and Year 2

Exploring Fractions and Decimals Unit Plan – Year 3 and Year 4

Fractions Unit Plan - Year 3 and Year 4

Operations with Fractions Unit Plan – Year 5 and Year 6

Fractions Unit Plan - Year 5 and Year 6


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