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Interactive Measurement Game With Puzzles and Riddles

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Teaching measurement to primary school students can be one of those learning areas that you dread to teach. Let’s face it, there isn’t really anything exciting or groundbreaking about comparing and measuring angles or measurement conversions is there? But, it’s one of those skills our students need to understand – so we teach it! So, we have decided to spice up measurement with this new and exciting measurement game for the classroom – Marvin Measurement’s Treasure Box.


This resource takes on the concept of gamification in the classroom, allowing students to be drawn into the experience, much the same way they are drawn into other games. To read more about the benefits of this type of resource in the classroom, check out our blog, 6 Benefits of Using Gamification in the Classroom.

Fun Measurement Game for the Classroom

In this exciting measurement game, Marvin Measurement has secured some precious treasure in a locked box, protected by a four-digit code. He has created four measurement puzzles and a riddle for your students to solve.

By correctly completing the puzzles, students will reveal the four digits needed to unlocked the treasure box and gain access to the wonders within!

For a detailed explanation of how to set this game up, check out the Teacher Information Sheet at the beginning of the Marvin Measurement’s Treasure Box resource.

Here are the four puzzles your students will need to work out in their small working groups in order to solve the code needed to unlock the padlock on the treasure box. These puzzles can be completed in any order.

Angles Dominoes Puzzle

Students work together as a team to place the dominoes together correctly, revealing one of the numbers needed for the four-digit padlock!

24-Hour Polygon Puzzle

All students love to put a puzzle together. Students need to match the 24-hour times to reveal another number in this fun polygon puzzle.

Marvin’s Measurement Maze

In this maze, students need to work out different measurement conversions to reveal a pathway which will provide them with another number that is part of the combination to the four-digit padlock.

Shape Word Search Puzzle

Students use their knowledge of shape to find words in this word search. By following the instructions on what colour to shade each set of words, the students will finally reveal another number.

Measurement Riddle

Once your students have solved all four puzzles, the final step is to read the riddle and use it to put the four digits into order. This could be displayed on the board or distributed as a print out to each group. When the students have ordered the digits, they must try to open the treasure box. 

Marvin Measurement’s Treasure Box

We found this gorgeous treasure box in the craft section at Bunnings. We added some sparkly jewels to give it a bit of pizazz!

Now to answer the all-important question… what to put in the treasure box? It could be some stickers, treats, stationery, a free time voucher etc. Alternatively, you could link it to your classroom reward program.

We chose to use some Super Hero Credits in our treasure box. These credits can be collected and used to purchase a reward from the Super Hero Store. This is part of our Superhero Themed Classroom Reward System resource that is a great classroom reward system.

We’d love to hear how this goes in your classroom. Let us know in the comments section of this blog.


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