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Making Math Exciting! QR Code Scavenger Hunt

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Incorporating technology into your maths lessons doesn’t have to mean your students remain stagnant. If you have access to a set of tablets for your class (enough for one per small group) and are tired of your students turning into zombies after being directed towards an app, then you are going to LOVE this new place value activity.

Introducing our new
QR Code 3-digit Place Value Scavenger Hunt!

3 digit place value activity idea using qr codes

I must admit I had no idea how to use QR codes in the classroom when one of our amazingly creative teachers first spoke about this place value activity idea. Turns out that using QR codes is not only easy but can be an awesome way to get your kids up and moving too!

To set up this 3-digit Place Value Scavenger Hunt you need:

  • 12 x QR code 3-digit place value scavenger hunt posters
  • 1 x recording sheet per student
  • 1 x set of tablets with a free QR code scanner app installed

3 digit place value activity posters

  1. Print and laminate (or not!) the set of QR code posters. These are available to download in both colour or black and white.
  2. Place the posters randomly around the classroom, or outside in a multipurpose area.
  3. Place students into pairs or small groups.
  4. Provide each student with a recording worksheet.
  5. Provide each pair or small group with a tablet.
  6. Instruct the students to begin their scavenger hunt at the ‘Start here!’ poster.
  7. Students scan the QR code to reveal a clue. Students read the clue then ‘hunt’ for the 3-digit number that matches the clue.
  8. Once the students have found the number, they record it onto their worksheet.
  9. Students repeat the process until all eleven numbers have been found!

We used the “Quick Scan” app the video below. It is available for free through the App Store for iPads, and is also free to download for Android.

Still confused? Check out this awesome video which will clarify these instructions and get you ready to set up this place-value activity in 60 seconds flat!



Want to Make Your Own QR Code Scavenger Hunt?

It’s easy! Check out these QR Code blank posters available for you to download in full colour, low colour or black and white.

Follow these steps to create a scavenger hunt that is customised for your class, using questions and answers from any key learning area you’d like!

  1. Write a list of the clues (questions) and answers you want your students to complete.
  2. Google “free QR code generator” to find a website to create your codes. We used
  3. Enter clue #1 into the website and follow the prompts to generate a unique QR code.
  4. Download the QR code that is generated.
  5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for each clue, remembering which code belongs to which answer!
  6. Print and cut out the QR codes.
  7. Glue the code for clue #1 onto the “Start Here” poster.
  8. Glue each of the remaining QR codes onto their own posters too, keeping them in order.
  9. Write the answer for clue #1 on the poster with the QR code for clue #2.
  10. Write the answer for clue #2 on the poster with the QR code for clue #3.
  11. Continue in this pattern until you have a complete set of posters for your customised scavenger hunt!

You may like to laminate your blank posters, use velcro dots to secure the QR codes and a whiteboard marker for writing the answers. Keep the clue and answer list, and QR codes from your custom scavenger hunt in a folder ready to bring out and attach to your posters whenever you need!

What do you think? Have you used QR codes in your classroom already? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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