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Maths Warm-Up PowerPoints for the Classroom

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As teachers, we know the importance of using maths warm-ups in the classroom. However, time and a long list of subjects to cover can sometimes get in the way! Maths warm-up PowerPoints could be just what you need. They are visually engaging and require minimal setup. That’s a win-win in the busy classroom, right?

We’ve spoken before about the benefits of maths warm-ups in the classroom in our blogs: 23 Maths Warm-Ups Ideas for Your Classroom and Maths Warm-Up Ideas for the Classroom (Easy to Set Up). So, there’s no surprise we’ve gone a step further and created some amazing Maths Warm Up PowerPoints for Years 1-6! / Faces Portrait

Maths Warm-Up PowerPoints

Our maths warm-up PowerPoints include a series of mathematical warm-up activities that cover areas across the maths curriculum. You can do these quick activities to help warm-up for a particular focus lesson. Alternatively, you could use them to break up the day to keep students fresh for learning. Some activities supply instructions for interactive games and others use interactive templates that you can display on your classroom whiteboard with a projector.

Best of all – each activity has direct links to learning goals in the Australian Curriculum.

Year 1 Maths Warm Up PowerPoint

If you’re a year 1 teacher then this Maths Warm Up PowerPoint is for you!

Areas of maths that are covered include Number and Algebra, Money, Fractions, Measurement, Time and Statistics and Probability.


Year 2 Maths Warm Up PowerPoint

All of the PowerPoints include fantastic visual images if needed. Therefore, you don’t have to go and hunt for these yourself – it’s all there in the PowerPoint.

Our Year 2 maths warm up PowerPoint includes some fantastic interactive activities that cover a range of maths topics.


Year 3 Maths Warm Up PowerPoint

We haven’t forgotten our Year 3 teachers – check out this super engaging collection of activities.

This PowerPoint covers the following areas of learning: Number and Algebra, Money, Fractions, Measurement, Time and Statistics and Probability.


Year 4 Maths Warm Up PowerPoint

Another fantastic addition to our maths warm up PowerPoints is the addition of curriculum codes under every single activity! Making teachers’ lives that much easier!

This Year 4 Maths Warm Up PowerPoint will be a saviour! Download it and keep it on your computer desktop ready to go.


Year 5 Maths Warm Up PowerPoint

Your year 5 students will really enjoy solving these maths warm-up problems that cover the following areas of learning: Number and Algebra, Money, Fractions, Measurement, Time and Statistics and Probability.


Year 6 Maths Warm Up PowerPoint

Calling all year 6 teachers… here is the maths PowerPoint for you!

A collection of super engaging activities that cover the following areas: Number and Algebra, Money, Fractions, Measurement, Time and Statistics and Probability.


Check out our Maths Warm-Ups Resource Collection for more ideas!


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