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The Best Hands-On Activity for Numbers to 10

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Are you looking for a cheap and effective hands-on activity to help consolidate numbers to ten?

Hands-on and tactile activities in the early years are imperative to help little minds compute what they are learning about.

This amazingly cool and creative hands-on felt board will help teach students all about numbers to ten.

It’s simple! It’s cheap! It’s fun! It’ll be enjoyed for years to come!

Here’s what you need:

What to do:

  1. Stick the white felt onto the cake board with the hot glue gun. Depending on the size of the board you may have to use two pieces of felt.
  2. Cut out the hands from the Hands and Numbers Template.
  3. Use a pen to trace around the hands on the colour felt you wish the hands to be.
  4. Cut the felt hands out.
  5. Cut out the numbers from the Hands and Numbers Template and use these to cut out different coloured numbers and stick them on discs.
  6. Glue the hands on the white background, but only under the palms so that the fingers moved.
  7. Cut a piece of string and thread ten coloured beads on.
  8. Use two small white rectangle pieces of the felt to glue down the string at either end.
  9. Glue a strip of either the hook or loop on the palms of each hand.
  10. Then choosing the opposite, cut small squares that can be stuck on the tips of the fingers. It’s best to hot glue these pieces as well to ensure they last longer.
  11. Enjoy!

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Do you remember using felt books when you were younger?


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