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The Easiest End of Year Activity - Say Cheese!

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Are you looking for an end of year activity that is quick, easy… and above all, FUN? An activity that helps your students reflect on the year just passed, and look eagerly forward to the year ahead – without much fuss?

Look no further!

You’ve got all this and more in our super-cool template – the End of Year Snapshot Activity

You can’t let the end of the year come and go without allowing your students the time to sit back and review all they’ve learned, all they’ve done and how far they’ve come! So how do you fit yet another activity in amongst all the assessments, reports, assemblies and Christmas craft?

End of Year Activity - Snapshot

Read on to see just why this activity is a breath of fresh air – and the reasons why you should make it a staple for years to come!

End of Year Snapshots – Say Cheese with this End of Year Activity

Though it looks simple, this activity packs a big punch! Simple enough for students to do independently, yet involved enough that they can take their time to complete it. They can finish it in their own time, or even collaborate with their whole class!

Take a Snapshot of Student’s Personalities

Your students will love the opportunity to put their own twist on their activity. Simply give them the camera and photo template, and let their creative side loose!

End of Year Activity - Snapshot Camera

Then, your students can represent their memories with drawings, anecdotes and simple words which mean so much.

Tailor it to Suit Your Class

Not only does the End of Year Snapshot resource come with some great suggestions for memories, but it also has a blank page for you to tailor to your class’s unique experiences.

Some suggestions to put on this page may be:

  • My biggest challenge this year…
  • The best lunch food this year…
  • The funniest moment from this year…
  • I’ll never forget when…

End of Year Activity - Snapshot photo frames

Did you take photos of your class throughout the year? You can even get your students to take a look back at photos taken throughout the year and add some extra-special ones to their snapshot!

Create a Snapshot Display

Once your class has created their personalised End of Year Snapshots, why not put them up on display for the last few days of the term?

End of Year Activity - Snapshot make a poster

This is a great way to help your students think about what they are saying goodbye to as they near the holidays!

If you don’t have any wall-space left in your classroom (and it’s no surprise after a year of hard work!) then create a snapshot mobile!

End of Year Activity - Snapshot make a mobile

How will you help your students reflect on their year? Tag us @teachstarter on Instagram and share your ideas!


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