Episode 190

Back to School 2020 - What's to Come in July and August?

Recorded by | Run time: 12 min, 46 sec


Mr D and Bron live on opposites sides of the world, and usually, things seem pretty common in education across the geographical distance.

But now, as America surges towards its peak of Covid 19 cases, Australia’s Covid growth has slowed enough to ease restrictions which have been in place since April. Australian students are back at school, and about to take their winter break. American students are still awaiting news on an uncertain start to their next school year after their summer break ends in August (so far, the precise date of back to school hasn’t been determined).

In this episode Joe and Bron talk about the problematic situation in the States where teachers will likely need to teach remotely and in classrooms to two groups of students from the same class. This is a familiar hurdle to Aussie teachers, who have balanced remote and classroom learning over the first part of 2020.

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