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What's the Season? PowerPoint

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PowerPoint | 17 pages | Years: 1

A teaching presentation exploring the seasons and how they affect everyday life.

Use this teaching presentation to explore ideas about food, activities and clothing appropriate for each of the four seasons.

This teaching resource is a great way to introduce themes linked to seasons and weather. Explore summer, autumn, winter and spring and discuss images related to each season.

Linking the Seasons to Real-Life Experiences

The ideas in this PowerPoint will help you discuss how the seasons connect to each of your students.

This teaching presentation includes prompting questions such as

  • What season do you think this picture is showing?
  • In your local area, what clothes do people wear in summer?
  • Do you like the season of autumn? Why or why not?
  • What kinds of food and drinks do you like to have in winter?

Teaching Weather-Related Vocabulary

This teaching presentation also provides a wonderful opportunity for introducing weather-related vocabulary. Download our Weather Vocabulary Prompt Cards, print onto thick card and discuss each word with your students.

Question prompts could include

  • Which words come to mind when you are looking at this image?
  • Would you use the word ‘humid’ when you’re looking at the picture of autumn?


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