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Random Story Starters Generator

Teach Starter Publishing Suitable for stages:  2 - 7

Spin up random writing prompts for kids with our short story generator widget to inspire your students creativity and boost their writing skills.

Spin Up Some Creative Writing Prompts with our Story Starters Generator!

As classroom teachers, we’ve all seen it. Every year, we bear witness to a common struggle among students when it comes to generating their own story ideas. Many students often find themselves staring at a blank page, feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of creating something original and simply shut down. This difficulty can come from various factors such as lack of inspiration, limited background, or having so many ideas they’re not sure which to choose and where to start!

This year, we invite you to help cut out some of the struggles by trying to inspire your students with random story starters. Random story prompts can be a valuable tool that can jumpstart a student’s creativity and serve as a jumping-off point to let their imaginations soar! The Teach Starter team has developed the perfect tool for inspiring you and your students to write like there’s no tomorrow– The Random Story Starter Generator!

How to Use the Writing Prompt Generator in the Classroom

This writing prompt generator tool is a breeze to use! With a few clicks of the mouse, you can set your students up for successful writing by providing them with a fun, thoughtful, and imaginative story starter to get them going on their storytelling journey. Here are a few quick steps to get started:

  1. Click the green ‘Play’ Button to begin.
  2. Click the gear in the upper right corner to view the storytelling starting sentences already embedded in the story starter writing prompt generator. Scroll through and make sure you like the ones included. If you’d like to delete, change, or add new story starters, feel free! All you have to do is type your new writing prompt into the text box (one per line). When finished, click the black (X) button to close the menu.
  3. From there, it’s as simple as clicking the green “Spin!” button. Click it once, and magically, your students will have an inspiring story starter to get them going. No more blank pages and students with writer’s block!

Teacher-Tested Ways to Use This Writing Prompt Generator for Kids

We’ve put it to the test in classrooms across the globe, and these are some of our favourite teacher-tested ways you can use this story prompt generator in your classroom.

  • Generate Creative Writing Prompts for Different Genres 

    • Not working on imaginative writing? No problem. Use the menu to type in your own list of personal narrative, persuasive, or informative writing prompts and spin away! Now, your students get a bit of novelty and a sense of choice while you’re still in control of what style of writing they are working on.
  • One-Word Story Idea Generator

    • Story prompts for kids don’t have to be long and drawn out. You can create one-word story prompts that inspire your students to take a single idea/word and run with it to create a literary masterpiece. Use the menu to put in a variety of adjectives, nouns, abstract nouns, etc. and spin the wheel. Some of our favourite one-word story prompts are:
Monster Tornado Fear Disgusting Family
Attack Zoo Magical Rainbows Treasure
  • Teach Them How to Develop a Character in Real Time 

    • Use the generated story prompts as starting points for character development lessons. Use the generated prompts to create unique characters to be in the story as a class. Based on the given prompts, develop their backgrounds, personalities, and motivations and record your ideas on chart paper. Once those are in place, your students have everything they need to start a story with a firm idea of character.
  • Daily Journal Prompts for Easy Morning Work Activities

    • Type a list of daily journal prompts into the generator and spin away! You can add mindfulness prompts, reflective questions, or even fun, silly prompts to inspire your students to start writing as soon as they arrive!

So Much is Possible With a Story Prompt Generator…But There’s So Little Time!

Our random story generator is the absolute best tool you can find to inspire your students and inject a bit more fun into your daily writing activities. Whether you use the ones provided or create your own writing prompts, you’re bound to see amazing things appear in your student’s writing notebooks. You’ll love it so much you’ll want to use it more often, but how do you find the time?

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