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Word of the Day - Random Word Generator

Teach Starter Publishing Suitable for stages:  1 - 7

Spin your classroom Word of the Day! Choose from over 100 vocabulary word packs or create your own. Then spin for a word, spin for a morning work activity, and you're all set!

What’s the Word for the Day? Find Out With a Random Word Generator!

Are you looking for a fun way to add a bit more vocabulary instruction to your daily schedule? If so, you’re in the right place! The Teach Starter team has the perfect tool to help your blossoming wordsmiths learn more about the English language and develop their conversational and academic vocabularies. Get ready to spin your way to mastery with our Word of the Day Random Word Generator Widget!

What Is the Word of the Day Widget?

Our Word of the Day Widget is a powerful tool designed to add a dash of fun and spontaneity to your vocabulary lessons. With just a click, you can instantly generate a random word that will serve as the centrepiece of your daily lesson. Each click of the mouse generates a brand new word and an accompanying activity for your students to complete using that word. Some word-of-the-day activities for kids that we’ve included are:

  • List antonyms for the word
  • Use the word in a sentence
  • Break the word into syllables
  • Make a list of words that rhyme with the word of the day
  • And more

How Do I Use the Random Word Generator?

The random word generator is a breeze to use, and the best part? It’s completely customizable! Do you teach early years? That’s okay; we’ve got words for that. Do you want to add your own words? You can do that too! Here are a few simple steps to set you on your way to implementing a Daily Vocabulary Word routing into your classroom schedule.

  1.  Click Play on the Widget home page. This will open the Word of the Day spinner interface.
  2. Click the gear in the upper right corner to open the customisation menu. On this menu, you will choose your words and/or the accompanying activities you’d like for your students to try.
    • Use the dropdown to select from pre-made Teach Starter wordlists. The generator will pull from these lists daily, so make sure you read through the words included in the list before you select one. If you’d like to omit a word, simply delete it from the list of words below the dropdown.
    • To create your own list, simply type your word list into the list box (separated by commas). Use as few or as many words as you like!
  3. Once your word list is selected, click the dropdown menu beside the ‘Choose an Activity’ prompt. Here, you will select a year level for the generator to choose activities from. Three levels are included here, with varying activities that accompany each level (lower, middle, and upper). Activities get progressively more difficult as you advance in year levels.
    1. If you want to input your own activity list, simply type your activities into the list box (one per line), and the generator will pull from there.
  4. Click the (X) to close the menu. Then click the green ‘Spin’ Button beneath the Word Generator box and the ‘Spin’ button beneath the Activity Spinner. Now you’ve got your word of the day and an activity for your students to work on!

Visual Learners Unite! Check Out the Video Below to Learn How to Use the Word Generator Widget!



Ways to Use the Vocabulary Word Randomiser in the Classroom

There are loads of ways you can use the word/activity randomizer in the classroom! Whether you use pre-made lists and activities or create your own, here are a few of our teacher favourites!

☀️  Daily Morning Work Routine

Make your Vocabulary Word of the Day lesson part of your morning word routine. Have the widget on display when students come into class, and have your teacher helper spin each spinner to select the day’s activity. Have your students keep a vocabulary notebook or dry erase board handy to write their work on. Now, your students can work on the Daily Warm-Up while others come into the classroom.

🤔  Word Association Games for Kids!

Create a list of simple nouns or adjectives, and save them into the generator. From there, start with a random word, and have students say the first word that comes to mind. Jot this down on the whiteboard as each student responds. Continue around the classroom, with each student building off the previous word. This is an amazing way to introduce a lot of words in a short amount of time!

❓ 20 Questions Vocabulary Game

Spin the word spinner to select a random word. Have your students sit facing away from the screen so that they cannot see the word. Have students take turns asking yes or no questions such as “Is it a noun?” or “Is it an animal?” If they can guess the word before using 20 questions (or more if you like), they win a prize!

✍  Combine With a Frayer Model Graphic Organiser

Create a word list to match a unit of study you are working on. Give each student a printed Frayer Model worksheet inserted into a clear plastic sleeve, along with a dry erase marker. Each day, spin up a new word and have students complete a Frayer Model graphic organizer using the generated Word of the Day.

🕵️‍♀️  Search-a-Word Brain Break

Use the Word Search generator to create a word search using your designated word list. Then, embed that same list of words into the Word-a-Day Generator. Give each student a copy of the word search with the words cut off at the bottom. Spin the spinner to generate a word and have students race to find the word in the grid. You can award small treats or prizes for the fastest word finders. What a fun (and competitive) brain-break activity!

Spin the Random Word Picker and Start Your Vocabulary Practise Today!

Say goodbye to boring vocabulary lessons and hello to a world of word games and student engagement. Join countless educators who are revolutionizing their classrooms with this dynamic teaching resource. Start exploring the power of words today!

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