12 Dynamic Ways to Use Giant Dice in the Classroom

Holly (Teach Starter)

Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

I had lots of fun today creating this giant dice to use in the classroom. I got the idea from The Craft Train.

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I had planned to write a basic blog about how to use dice in the classroom. However, whilst I was creating this awesome giant dice, it got me thinking…this could be used for so many different activities, not just maths!

Here are just some ways to use this giant dice in the classroom. I suggest creating laminated sets of these resources and store them in a folder to have readily available when you have a spare few minutes.

You can then choose between the variety of concepts to focus on.

Giant Dice for the Classroom

What you need:

  • Strong cardboard
  • Duct tape
  • Large black dot stickers
  • Stanley knife
  • Ruler

What to do:

  1. Measure a square on the cardboard (30 cm x 30 cm).
  2. Cut out this first square and then use it as a template to trace a further five squares.
  3. Lay the six squares out in the shape of a square net and then stick them together using the duct tape. This could be a great activity to do as a whole class looking at 3D shapes!
  4. Once this has been stuck together, it’s just a matter of building the cube up! Just stick it all together using your duct tape. Make sure to use the duct tape inside and outside to reinforce the cube.
  5. Use the large black dots to create the faces of the dice.

To create the different faces for the dice, I used origami sheets (25 cm x 25 cm) as the base to cover up the dots.

Recognising Feelings Activity

Using our Feelings Flashcards, pick six different feelings you want to focus on with your class.

Have a student roll the giant dice, then ask the students to act out the feeling that is shown.

Alternatively, they can brainstorm things that make them feel that particular feeling.

For example, if it lands on nervous, they talk about things that make them feel nervous.

Feelings Dice Activity

Fitness Moves Activity

Using our Fitness Exercise Cards, pick six different exercise moves and stick them onto each face of the dice.

Have students stand in a circle, pick a student to roll the giant dice and whatever move it lands on is the move the whole class has to do. They continue this move until you blow the whistle.

Continue the game around the circle.

Exercise Dice Activity

Antonyms Activity

Using our Antonym Flashcards, choose six of the yellow border words to stick onto each face of the dice.

Students then roll the giant dice and find the matching antonym word (green border flashcards).

For example, if it lands on the word cold, they need to find the word hot.

Antonyms Dice Activity

Rainbow Facts Activity

Using our Rainbow Facts – Addition Match-Up Cards, stick the beginning of the rainbow on each face of the dice.

Students roll the giant dice and must work out the matching half of the rainbow to complete the rainbow fact.

For example, if the dice lands on 8 the student must find the 2 to complete the rainbow fact (8+2=10).

Rainbow Facts Dice Activity

Lesson Closure Sentence Starter Activity

Using our Reflective Thinking Sentence Starter Posters, choose six sentence starters you feel match your lesson.

Students then roll the giant dice at the end of a lesson.

As a class, or individually, they complete the sentence.

Lesson Closure Activity

Phonics Dice Activity

Using our Sound Families Posters, choose six different sound families you want to focus on.

Students roll the dice and the class focuses on that sound family as revision.

This brings an element of fun to the lesson, a great way to begin a phonics lesson and engage your students!

Sound Families Revision Activity

Yoga Moves Dice Activity

Using our Yoga Poses for Kids – Posters, choose six moves and stick them on each face of the dice.

Simply pick students to roll the giant dice and the class has to perform the move that is shown on the dice.

It is simple, fun and gets the students up and moving!

Yoga Activity Moves

The Options are Endless

There are so many different ways you could use a giant dice. Here are just a few other resources that could be used:

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