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15 New and Exciting Place Value Activities!

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Have you seen our huge collection of place value activities?

We’re a bit strange in the Teach Starter office…we go a little crazy at the idea of creating Numeracy resources! The teachers on the resource team and content team are always thinking of interesting and exciting ways to teach the concepts of number, measurement, shape…the list goes on!

Because of this, we’re creating more and more resources every day.

Take place value for example. Whether worksheets, games, or hands-on activities are your jam – we’ve got your back! In fact, we’ve got so many place value activities that they are divided into their own sub-categories.

Simply click on the drop-down menus, refine your year level, collection and resource type, and you’re ready to go!

Why is it Important to Teach Place Value?

Place Value Activities

Think about something you’ve done recently that involved numbers. Have you calculated the price of something? Measured amounts for a recipe? How about figured out how much time a journey will take? How hard would this have been to do without place value?

Place value is knowing the value of digits based on their position.

Understanding place value is essential for learning mathematics. Teaching place value right from the early years lays the foundation for many mathematical concepts that your students will be taught as they progress through school. While it can be a difficult concept for some young learners, once taught it will become second nature and stay with them for life.

NEW Place Value Activities!

You may have read Cassie’s blog 55 Amazing Alternatives to Place Value Worksheets. She has done a fabulous job of showcasing some of our tried and true place value resources which have been loved and shared for years.

Because we know how important teaching place value is, we’ve just uploaded some exciting and NEW place value activities that your class will love. From single-digit to hundreds of millions, there’s a resource for every level.

Don’t just take my word for it, though! Read ahead to check them out!

Place Value Games

Place value games are fantastic for introducing your students to a new topic, consolidating their understanding of a learned concept, or revising a skill.

We have SO MANY place value games on the Teach Starter website, but here are our latest! Use these fun games as a whole class, in Numeracy rotations, or even as a fun reward!

Ten Add Bowling Active Learning

This hilariously fun game can be carried out in or out of the classroom!

Place Value Activities - Ten Add Bowling

Ask your kids to bowl the ‘bowling ball’ towards pins which have been labelled with numbers 1 – 10. Your students will need to add together the numbers of any pins they knock down. The student with the greatest number wins!

As a place value activity for older students, why not ask them to order the pins to create the largest number?

What’s My Card? Double-Digit Board Game

Your students will love mimicking the popular ‘Guess Who’ game with these number cards.

Place Value Activities - What's My Card?

  • Does your number have a digit in the ones column less than 5?
  • Is your number more than 30?
  • Does your number have two digits less than 7?

Each child picks a card and takes turns asking questions with a partner to figure out the number!

Place Value Bingo Game – Numbers 0-1 000 000

Everybody loves bingo!

Place Value Activities - Place Value Bingo

Use this activity to consolidate your students understanding of numbers up to one million.

There are even blank game cards for your students to create their own!

2-Digit Place Value Card Game – Flip It!

Consolidate understanding of place value to hundreds with this fun, engaging game!

Place Value Activities - 2 Digit Flip It

Similar to the dice game Yahtzee, students must try to fill in a 2-digit number next to every place value clue on their score sheet. The player who has filled in the most numbers on their score sheet at the end of the game is the winner.

Place Value Worksheets

Place value worksheets are the perfect resource to help your students attempt to independently put their knowledge into practice.

Use these worksheets for independent work, during Numeracy rotations, or project a digital copy onto your whiteboard and work through them as whole class place value activities!

Free Download: Black and White Hundreds Board – Blank

The opportunities are endless with this resource!

Use it for anything from counting to multiplication. Fill it out before photocopying and giving it to your class, or give them a blank copy and let them race to the finish!

Place Value Activities - Blank Hundreds Board

Why not print, laminate and use a whiteboard marker so you can use this resource again and again?

My 3-Digit Place Value Diary

This is an adorable resource for your students to personalise!

Print a diary for each student in the class. Cut along the dotted lines then staple together on the left-hand side to create a little book.

Place Value Activities - 3-Digit Place Value Diary

Use the booklet as an assessment tool when assessing the students understanding of 3-digit place value. Students use the diary to represent three different 3-digit numbers in several different ways!

Numbers Boards with Missing Numbers – 1-120

This resource contains numbers boards from 1  – 120 with random missing numbers.

Place Value Activities - Missing Numbers 1 -120

The best part is there’s not one, but five different sheets, as well as a blank board for your students to create their own!

Hundreds Board Mystery Picture Addition Task Cards

This teaching resource requires students to complete addition problems and colour in number squares on a hundreds board to reveal a mystery picture. This activity is great to use as a fast finisher activity!


The download includes a hundreds chart numbered 1 – 100 and another chart without numbers, allowing you to differentiate the level of challenge as needed. The 32  educational task cards contain instructions that are simple to follow and the solutions are also provided in the download.

5-Digit Number of the Day Worksheet

This is a fantastic resource which is perfect for consolidating understanding of number representations. Use this worksheet as a Numeracy warm-up to intensely focus on a 5-digit number. Or have your students choose their own!

Place Value Activities - 5-Digit Number of the Day

This resource also comes available in 2-digit, 3-digit and 4-digit format, as well as a Number of The Day Warm-Up Powerpoint! To top things off, this adaptable FREE Number of the Day Worksheet also comes in black and white editable format for any number.

Image of 5-Digit Number of the Day Worksheet

teaching resource

5-Digit Number of the Day Worksheet

A 5-digit place value worksheet to represent the number of the day in different ways.

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageYears: 1 - 4
Image of 2-Digit Number of the Day Worksheet

teaching resource

2-Digit Number of the Day Worksheet

A 2-digit place value worksheet to represent the number of the day in different ways.

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageYears: F - 1
Image of 3-Digit Number of the Day Worksheet

teaching resource

3-Digit Number of the Day Worksheet

A 3-digit place value worksheet to represent the number of the day in different ways.

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageYears: 1 - 2
Image of 4-Digit Number of the Day Worksheet

teaching resource

4-Digit Number of the Day Worksheet

A 4-digit place value worksheet to represent the number of the day in different ways.

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageYears: 2 - 3

Place Value Number Sense Task Cards

Who’s motivated for some quick morning mathematics?

As part of our new place value resources, we have developed several sets of wonderful Number Talks cards. Number talks are meant to be short, daily Numeracy activities that allow students to have meaningful and highly engaging conversations about mathematics. Simply show students the front of the card, and ask the prompts on the back. These exchanges will lead to the development of more accurate, efficient, and flexible strategies for students.

We have Number Talks Teaching Resource Packs for grades 1 – 4! I’ve chosen a select few of the included resources and unpacked them for you below.

Number Talks – Number Sense Task Cards

This resource contains numbers all the way to one billion!

Place Value Activities - Number Sense

This card set is a great teaching resource designed to help students with:

  • understanding place value
  • understanding expanded notation
  • comparing and ordering numbers
  • rounding numbers.

Number Talks – Building Numbers Task Cards

Use the funky number pyramids on these cards build numbers!

Place Value Activities - Build Numbers

Prompt your students with questions such as:

  • Using each digit only once, what is the greatest value we can make? How do you know it’s the greatest?
  • How is this number written in expanded notation?
  • If this number is the answer, what could be the question?

Number Talks – Place Value Task Cards

With numbers represented with place value column, blocks and numerals, this number sense task is great for building skills related to:

  • understanding place value
  • understanding expanded form
  • comparing numbers
  • constructing and deconstructing numbers.

Place Value Activities - Place Value Task Cards


Number Talks – Making Ten Task Cards

This teaching resource is a great way for students to practise making ten in a variety of ways using a specific set of numbers.

Place Value Activities - Making Tens

They may use just one operation or a combination of all four! It is up to them how they reach the number ten.

Number Talks – Decimal Representation Task Cards

Here’s another one for the older students!

Place Value Activities - Decimal Representations

This card set is a great teaching resource designed to help students with:

  • representing decimals in a variety of ways
  • comparing decimals
  • writing decimals in expanded notation
  • relating decimals and fractions.

I am so excited to share these new place value activities with you!

We hope you and your students have fun learning the basics of place value. And don’t forget to check out Teach Starter for many more Numeracy activities!





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