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21 Fabulous Classroom Organisation Ideas

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Before scrolling through this post of some of the best classroom organisation ideas around, I want you to do a few things:

First, remember that this is a list that draws from the whole of the #classroomorganisation hashtag on the whole of Instagram #ontheline (any other fans of “The Interns” out there?!). Don’t feel bad if your classroom looks nothing like this!

Second, take from these photos more than just classroom decor inspo. Take away ideas for categorising resources and materials, ideas for bulletin board displays and inspirational quotes you could display around your own room.

Third, take a look at how easily colour-coordinating makes the most simple of classroom organisation ideas absolutely stunning! If you’re keen to revamp a corner of your room, consider how even new tray labels on older, mismatching storage containers can really spruce up your space.

1. Reading Corner Decor

With a green theme and fun, 3D decorations, this reading corner is super inviting!

2. STEAM Station Ideas

A smart combination of storage ideas works here to keep all of 2nd Grade STEAM resources and supplies together.

3. Dream Big, Work Hard, Stay Kind

We all know that rainbow tubs look fantastic but equally effective is the stunning cut-out quote on the wall?!

4. Flexible Seating Storage Ideas

We LOVE flexible seating here at Teach Starter and do what we can to provide you guys with printable flexible seating resources to help you out, but there comes a time when you need to see what teachers are physically doing in their classrooms to make it work. These wheely, storage drawers are where Fletcher Nelson’s 3rd Grade students keep all of their supplies.

5. Colour Pop!

The black labels on these coloured organisers look fantastic!

6. Table Charging Station

Okay, so this photo isn’t just about the beautiful progression of colours on these tablet covers, but also the practicality of swapping out the standard, long charging cords for shorter ones to tidy up your class table charging station.

7. Table Number Ideas

Do you use table numbers during rotations? How cute are these succulent themed table number markers!? Nice way to bring some classroom plants into your room too!

8. Work Folders for Absentees

Do you collate work for your students if and when they are absent? This is such a simple way to keep track of homework, notes and other important papers each week.

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Finally got around to adding my labels to my absent bin! ?

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9. Classroom Reading Corner Inspo

There’s a reason why this Margaret Fuller quote is a popular one for classroom reading corners…

10. Calming Colours

Lauren Santos of @coreinspiration takes a different approach to her classroom decor, with a calming combination of green, blue and white as the colour scheme for her classroom.

11. Calming Classroom Colour Scheme

Another soothing choice of colours works in this beautiful classroom reading corner.

12. Brights!

Black shelving across the front of the room, fluoro pink, green and blue storage containers make this bright classroom cohesive and exciting!

13. Art Room Display

Simple concept, beautiful quote and a stunning effect! These lucky students can look up to the front of their art room for inspiration whenever they need.

14. Wire Backpack Cubbies

Oh, there is so much good going on in this corner of @palmtreesandprimary‘s Pineapple themed classroom! These wire cubes for backpack cubbies beneath a fun student work display make the room look much more spacious than other backpack storage ideas.

15. Sight Word Storage

Print, cut, laminate, cut and repeat!

16. I Can See a Rainbow

An Elizabeth Richards rainbow!

17. Mixing it Up

What kind of book storage do you find works best for your students? This combination of book baskets and front-facing book storage is a great one!

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A little surprise photobooth action comin' your way!

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18. Nook, nook! Is Anybody Home?

The epitome of amazing, budget classroom decor! This reading nook made out of two filing cabinets, a shelf along the top and a curtain on stretch-wire is such a fantastic idea!

19. Personalised Student Work Bins

Another winner from @palmtreesandprimary! If you are a premium Teach Starter member you can use our Student Avatar widget to create custom cartoons of each of your students too!

Check out our blog post “How to Create and Use Student Avatars in Your Classroom” for more ideas and links to the resources you’ll need.

20. Mathematics Corner

Do you find your kids are drawn to the walls and the corners of your room when they have their choice of workspace? Maximise these areas with simple, robust storage ideas like this one below.

21. Making it Work!

For all of the time spent organising the books, materials and resources in your classroom, you probably spend twice as long training up your students to maintain in! 1st Grade teacher Katie Froning from @chalkboardchatterbox makes sure her students are accountable for taking care of the shared resources in their classroom.

Are you already thinking about changes you might make to your current classroom set up? Here are our Top 3 Tips!

1. Plan it out!

Heading into your local stationery or home organisation store without a shopping list is like buying groceries when you’re hungry. You’ll end up spending much more than you need!

2. Choose a colour scheme.

Think about whether you go with fairly plain or even clear storage containers and boxes so that you can always mix up the vibe of your classroom by adding a new colour scheme through posters and labels.

Check out our classroom organisation and display resources before you decide on what to buy.

3. Get Your Class Involved!

Not only will your students have more respect for the new areas in their classroom if they are involved in the planning and set up, but you may be able to source unwanted pieces of furniture, storage baskets and other useful items from parents, friends and families too!



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