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5 Reasons You Need a Teacher Bestie

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There are a few things that are vital to have in a teacher’s life… pencils, a whistle and hat, a teacher planner… and a teacher bestie or two! Yes, teacher besties are a must for any teacher.

So, what makes a teacher best friend a vital part of the teaching toolbox?

If you have a teacher bestie or two, count yourself lucky! Having a best friend at school to share your highs and lows with is one of the most important things for teacher mental health and wellbeing.

5 Reasons You Need Teacher Besties

Don’t believe me? Take a look at these 5 reasons which prove that you need a teacher bestie!

Teacher Besties – Why They Matter for You and Your Mental Health

Work takes up a huge part of our lives. Planning, delivering lessons, administrative duties, marking…to name just a few tasks that fill a teacher’s day! It makes sense, then, that the relationships we form in the work environment have a lot to do with our happiness at work.

Just like any work bestie, a having a close platonic relationship with a fellow teacher can help improve your day in so many ways.

#1 They Perk You Up When You’re Feeling Flat

Teaching isn’t really one of those professions that can be described as ‘the daily grind’ – every day is different when you’re a teacher! But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t days when you’re just not ‘feeling it’.

Teacher Besties Perk You Up When You're Down

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Whether it’s sharing an interesting video from the internet, telling a hilarious anecdotal story about a student in the playground, or simply offering a smile and bringing you a much-needed cup of tea, a teacher bestie can really help to make your day a little easier. They will get your head out of your classroom and remind you of yet another reason why it’s good to come to school!

#2 They Treat Your Class Like Their Own

We all know the feeling – it can be incredibly stressful if you’re leaving someone else in charge of your class, whether it’s for 10 minutes, a lesson or a whole day. You’re worried that whoever takes over won’t deliver the lesson as you’d like. That they wouldn’t manage the behaviour as you would. That they just won’t know your kids as you do.

They treat your class like their own


When you have a teacher bestie, you know that they will go into your classroom and treat your class like their own.

They know your kids’ quirks and needs as well as you do – because they’ve been hearing all about your students during your chats every day! They’ll take care of them whenever they see them, be it on the playground or assembly hall. And your kids have a great rapport with them – because they’ve been in and out of your classroom throughout the whole year.

#3 They’re a Listening Ear

When work gets you down and you need some advice or a place to vent, it can be hard finding someone who ‘gets it’. Teachers are a unique bunch and, unfortunately, that means that our significant others can’t always relate to the issues we’re going through on a daily basis.

5 Reasons You Need Teacher Besties


Sometimes just talking with an understanding ear is all you need!

A teacher bestie will understand when you need to get things off your chest. If you have a problem, they’ll offer you constructive advice because they see things with fresh, knowing eyes. They’ll even tell you when you’re being unreasonable! Talking through your problems with someone who understands, has ‘been there’ and can give good advice is incredibly important for good mental health.

#4 They Make Collaboration Easy!

You know what they say – two heads are better than one!

If you’re looking for teaching ideas, display resources or lesson resources, teacher besties are the people to go to first!

5 Reasons You Need Teacher Besties - They make collaboration easy

Lipik Stock Media/

When I was teaching, my teacher bestie and I would always sit down at the beginning of every term to do our planning. Whether we were planning the same grades, or just enjoying each other’s company while we were sorting out our own classes, it was always easier with a friend!

Teacher besties can give you fresh ideas, share their experience of the curriculum, or even better – share the planning of certain key learning areas if you’re teaching the same cohort!

#5 They Have Your Back

When you have a teacher bestie wander into your room and casually pass you an amazing resource that they have copied for you – without you asking! – then you know you’ve hit bestie gold!

5 Reasons You Need Teacher Besties - They have your back!


Whether it’s making extra copies of their resources or displays for you or taking on some of your marking when you’re absolutely swamped – a teacher bestie has your back!

They’ll bring you a muffin from the staff room when you’re on playground duty. They’ll stand up for you if you’re away and make sure you don’t miss out on important notices. They will take in a student from your class who needs a break. Their support truly is invaluable! Knowing they have your back when you’re at school is sure to make your days happier.

Share this blog with your teacher besties and show them how much you appreciate them!

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