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65 Fun Activities to Stop Kids Saying... 'I'm Bored!'

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School holiday time can be tricky at the best of times for parents, but school holidays in the midst of a global pandemic – well, that’s something that is tricky to navigate. The Teach Starter team put their heads together and came up with 65… yep you heard correctly 65 awesome and fun activities to do at home with kids for parents, families, and kids to enjoy time together.

Puppet shows, movie nights, pajama days, board game fun – there are so many activities that spring to mind when thinking of things you can do as a family. But sometimes, it tends to become a little like groundhog day when you’ve used everything that springs to mind. This list of 65 things to do with kids will hopefully ignite some creative ideas and create memories that will last a lifetime.

To make it even easier, we have created a printable resource that you can download. Print the list and stick it on your fridge and have a family vote every day for what fun you’ll have that day!


The ULTIMATE List of Fun Things to do At Home

We wanted to share some of the cool activity ideas that are featured on this list! So, here are some of our favourites… but, it was very hard to pick… trust me!

Boredom Buster No. 1 – Cloud Spotting

Enjoy some cloud spotting in the outdoors. Write about or do drawings about the different shapes that you see.

Be cool and wear sunglasses, though!

65 fun things to do at home with kids

Boredom Buster No. 2 – Create Musical Instruments

Use items from the recycling bin to create some musical instruments that make lots of noise!

Put on a musical performance for your family.

65 fun things to do at home with kids

Boredom Buster No. 3 – Nature Faces

Go on a nature scavenger hunt and create nature faces using all of the things you find.

Why not create a bunny for a bit of Easter artwork for your family art gallery?

65 fun things to do at home with kids

Boredom Buster No. 4 – Create an Obstacle Course

All you need is some sidewalk chalk and a big cement area. Create an obstacle course using the sidewalk chalk or draw hopscotch!

65 fun things to do at home with kids

Boredom Buster No. 5 – Masking Tape Racing Track

This will keep them entertained for hours (depending on how much masking tape you use!).

We used thick masking tape so that we could include both sides of the road.

65 fun things to do at home with kids

Boredom Buster No. 6 – Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Print out a poster that has the letters of the alphabet on it and go hunting around the house for something that starts with each letter of the alphabet.

65 fun things to do at home with kids

Boredom Buster No. 7 – Learn Fingerspelling

Learn the alphabet in sign language with your family.

Check out our AUSLAN resources for some downloads showing fingerspelling.

Boredom Buster No. 8 – Create a Pet Rock

Create your very own pet rocks with whatever you have around the house.

Take it a step further and create a home for your pet rock out of an empty shoebox!

Boredom Buster No. 9 – Make Homemade Playdough

Kids love playing with playdough! And they’ll love making their very won playdough. If you’re looking for the best playdough recipe, check out our friends at The Imagination Tree.

Boredom Buster No. 10 – Family Board Game Night

Turn off the TV, dust off the board games and have some family fun with a family board game night!

For 55 more boredom busters – download our 65 Fun Things to Do With Kids At Home.


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