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7 Classroom Hacks and Activities Using Magnets

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As a teacher I am always browsing the best cheap shops looking for art/craft and classroom resources. As I did my usual lap around my local cheap shops I noticed that most were selling either magnet sets or craft magnets and magnetic strips.

It got me thinking…what are some innovative ways magnets could be used in the classroom? So here it is – some fantastic magnet classroom hacks and activities that any teacher would love…

Create Your own Balance Scales

Simply use string, a large craft stick, large bulldog clips with small magnets glued to the bottom and a wooden peg to hold the scales. A fun easy activity where students learn about magnetism and weight.

Balance Scales

Who’s seen the Teacher Magnetic Board

Using our Chocolate Buttons tray labels, a tin cooking tray, large craft sticks with a small magnet glued to the back. This is a great way to easily remember who you have spoken to during independent work. Classrooms can get chaotic and it is often the same students that fly under the radar. After a student has spoken to you they go and put their crayon upside down. A fun and easy way to keep track of who has had one on one time.

Who's seen the Teacher Magnetic Board

Who’s here today? Magnetic Board

Use our Funky Chalkboard tray labels and our Avatar widget to create this simple roll call magnetic board. As students enter your classroom they find their avatar and put it on the display board. Each Avatar has a small magnet glued to the back. Kids will love it and it’s an easy way to work out who is away each morning.

Avatar Magnetic Board

Exploring with Magnets Activity

Use our simple, hands-on Exploring with Magnets investigation to explore magnets and magnetism. Students use magnets to test if everyday classroom objects such as scissors, pencils and paper are magnetic.

Exploring Magnets Activity

Magnetic Words

Using our Sight Words flashcards, a magnetic strip and magnet letters. Students pick a word and then create it with their magnetic letters. A simple, yet fun activity to do to consolidate sight word knowledge.

Making Words

Need a Pencil? Magnetic Board

I am certain there is big black hole somewhere in everyone’s classroom where all the sharp lead pencils go…and glue stick lids for that matter. Create this board so there is no time wasted when there are missing pencils! Love it! We used our Pencils tray labels to create the heading. Small bulldog clips with small magnets glued to the back create this great classroom idea…

Need a pencil? Magnetic Board

Roll and Return Magnetic Board

We have all seen the fantastic teacher hack idea of using small containers to keep your dice for games and activities in the classroom. But how cool is this? Stick a small magnet on the lid of each container and then use a cooking tray as the magnetic board. Another great idea! We used our Stars tray labels for the heading.

Roll and Return Dice Containers



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