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9 Clock Hacks to Make Your Classroom Buzz!

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Learning spaces are all diverse, but there’s one item that you’ll find is an absolute must-have anywhere in the world: the humble classroom clock.

Younger students learn to tell the time by clock-watching and older students spend countless minutes staring at the clock, waiting for the next bell.

Classroom clocks are vital tools which help our students to manage their time and pace themselves when they are completing tasks.

Here, we’ve collated nine ways to jazz up your classroom clock and make it the star of the show!

Classroom Clock Flower Display

Your hive of busy bees will love our gorgeous Flower Clock Display! Use it alongside our other Bee Teaching Resources or feature it alone to make your classroom buzz!

classroom clock flower display math time

 Colourful Classroom Clock Labels

It can be challenging teaching young students how to “read the clock”, but using our bright word labels will have them telling the time before you know it! This display combines our Clock Labels (Clock Pattern) digital circles with analogue strips. You’ll find these and many more classroom clock labels in our Time Resources Collection.

classroom clock decorating decoration labels resource teaching time math maths

Digital Time Clock Labels

With technology in abundance in our classrooms and beyond, it’s critical that students are able to read both digital and analogue clocks fluently. Our Bright Chevron Clock Labels are a quick and easy way to display digital minutes on an analogue clock.

Auslan Classroom Clock

auslan classroom clock resource download telling time teaching math

Our Auslan Analogue Clock label resource is awesome! Print and display this clock beside your regular clock, or use the Auslan time cards to stick around your regular clock. This classroom resource is available in both Northern and Southern Auslan dialects.

Crazy Crayon Classroom Clock

Turn your timepiece into a talking point with something we teachers always have in excess – crayons!

A Classroom Clock Working in Context

Here, the classroom clock is accompanied by three different displays of times which are relevant to the students: recess, lunch and home time! The teacher has included analogue and digital examples of the times, as well as a 24-hour time example.

Mathematical Classroom Clock Clues

This clever teacher has adorned the classroom clock with colourful square root facts as clues to the hour labels. Imagine the endless adaptations of this great idea; rainbow facts, multiplication facts, factors (3, 6, 9, 12), fractions!

Classroom Clocks with Meaning

Seamlessly incorporated into wall-worthy typography, these classroom clocks are part of a bigger picture.

Lego Classroom Clock

Although this one isn’t an actual functioning classroom clock, I had to include it. Because who doesn’t love a little Lego in their life? The hours are marked by Lego which corresponds with each number. I think students would love this one, and the learning opportunities would be endless.


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