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A Day in the Life of a Teacher (Schitt's Creek Edition)

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It’s hard to believe that a teacher can go through so many emotions in just one day. But, it really can feel like you’ve run a marathon! So, we decided to try and replicate a typical school day through the use of some of the main characters seen in the hilarious show – Schitt’s Creek! We hope it brings a smile to your face, and reminds you that you are all amazing humans in our eyes!

Positive Affirmations

Teachers giving themselves some positive affirmations before the start of the day. You’ve got this…

Oh, the Excitement!

When you find out a relief teacher is coming into your class and giving you some extra non-contact time! You literally can’t contain your excitement…

First Break Feels

You have finally made it through the morning, it hasn’t quite gone to plan and you head to the staffroom for a break…

Wet Shoelaces!!!

When a child asks you to tie their shoelace – but it’s wet… and it’s not raining outside!

It’s Computer Time!

After spending your whole 30-minute computer lesson time getting your students signed into the computer.

Surprise Visitor

It’s the end of maths rotation time, the classroom is an absolute mess, kids are noisy (but still learning) and your Principal pays you a visit…

The Stories

When a child puts up their hand during a sentence structure lesson and tells you a story about their neighbour’s three-legged cat.

True Story

When a student asks you if Santa, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy are real…

Meeting Time

When admin sends out an email introducing another meeting.. and you’re trying to remain positive!

But you really want to say this…

Teach Starter to the Rescue

When you need a last-minute time filler activity and jump on the Teach Starter website!

Bodily Fluids!

When you are all sitting on the carpet and a child sneezes and what comes out of their nose is not clear!

Proud Moment

When a child hands in some writing and their grammar and punctuation skills have improved significantly…

End of the Day

At the end of the day. you go into your teaching partner’s classroom and say…

Time to Go Home!

Finally, you’re heading home

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Have you got a quote from Schitt’s Creek you think would suit an aspect of your school day?
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