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Capital Letter Activities for Kids (NEW Resource!)

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When teaching punctuation, you want to keep things simple. Easy activities that focus on one concept are the best way to cement these important skills in our little learners!

Take, for example, teaching capital letters. When you consider students are often learning capital letters in conjunction with sentence structure, sound/letter recognition and spelling words, it’s easy to see why simple capital letter activities are the best way to go.

Capital Letter Activities - Cute Letters

Here at Teach Starter, we love to create meaningful and fun resources for you and your little learners. We put our heads together and came up with an awesome resource that can be used to teach capitals.

And it doesn’t hurt that it’s super cute to boot!

Your kids will find this resource quick, easy and above all fun – it’s the perfect activity to keep them on track developing their skills in punctuation.

Fun Capital Letter Activities to Teach Punctuation

Learning about punctuation has never been better! Our new resource brings fun and imagination to your students’ writing lessons.

Capital Letter Match-Up Activity - Editing Sentences

Our new Capital Letter Correction Match-Up Activity helps your students develop their knowledge and understanding of capitalisation in sentences.

Capital Letter Correction Activity

Students will love editing these sentences with the funky letter characters!

Simply cut out each letter and attach it to a pop stick or bamboo skewers to make an easy-to-use puppet.

Capital Letter Match-Up Activity

If finger puppets are more your thing, simply attach the strips of paper provided to get you started. Then, cut as many more strips to size as you need for each letter.

Capital Letter Match-Up Activity - Finger Puppets

Each page in this resource features a different sentence. From simple to complex, there’s a sentence for every learner!

Capital Letter Match-Up Activity - From Simple to Complex Sentences

Use the fun finger puppets by holding them in front of the lower case letters that need changing.

Why not tack the sentence strips up on a wall or display area for an interactive display? You can even encourage your students to create and edit their own sentences in their workbooks or on a large piece of paper!

Getting Creative with Capital Letter Activities

But wait, there’s more! The cute capital letter creatures featured in this resource can also be used without the sentence strips in a number of different ways.

If your students are not quite up to using capital letters in full sentences, you can also use these cute characters to help them with their letter recognition and writing!

Capital Letter Activities - Write Capital Letters in a Notebook

Better yet, encourage your little learners to practice their spelling and word recognition by using these capital letters to write names and sight words.

Capital Letter Activities - Practice Sight words

Looking for more fun punctuation activities? Check out these engaging resources which are perfect for little learners.

Image of Large Handwriting Charts - Capital Letters

teaching resource

Large Handwriting Charts - Capital Letters

Print handwriting displayed on large red and blue lines.

Teach Starter Publishing13 pagesYears: F - 3

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