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World Wildlife Day Activities for Kids (2020)

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This Tuesday the 3rd of March the World celebrates World Wildlife Day. This is a global celebration of all the wonderful wild animals and plants found on Earth. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the dangers that threaten the survival of many animals around the world. Therefore, it is a fantastic time to explore and investigate endangered animals near and far with your students. So, we’ve put together a list of printable resources, classroom activities and videos to help you explore World Wildlife Day in your classroom.

World Wildlife Day resources in the Classroom

Fun World Wildlife Day Activities for the Classroom

Endangered Animals Near and Far

This is a fantastic video to watch with your students as it goes through what the word ‘endangered’ means. Also, it provides a very clear understanding of why animals around the world are becoming endangered.

Best of all, it discusses what your students can do in their own backyard to help!

Exploring Endangered Animals for Kids

Utilise our huge collection of endangered animals posters with your students and explore these beautiful animals.

These posters highlight:

  • their level of endangerment
  • where they are from
  • how many are left
  • why each animal is at risk of becoming extinct.

Endangered Animals Posters for the Classroom

After choosing an animal to focus on, your students can complete an Animal Fact File about that particular animal.

Your students could even brainstorm and create a poster to explain to their class about the risks and impacts humans have on that particular endangered animal’s habitat.

World Wildlife Day resources for the Classroom

Wildlife Dress Up Day

Have a class dress up day! Students come dressed as their favourite endangered animal. A fantastic way for students to really get into the spirit of learning about endangered animals and what their school community can do to help save these special animals.

You may like to use our tiger mask template,  orangutan mask template and panda mask template for students to decorate.

World Wildlife Day resources for the Classroom.

World Wildlife Day 2020 Theme

Each year, the UN create a theme for World Wildlife Day. This year’s theme is “Sustaining all life on Earth”, encompassing all wild animal and plant species as key components of the world’s biodiversity.

Watch the video below that discusses the theme for this year. As a class brainstorm what they can do to help look after the planet.

Make Your Pledge

Your students can become Wildlife Heros, after researching and discussing as a class how and why certain animals are becoming instinct around the world!

Students complete the Wildlife Hero Pledge Worksheet with their pledge of what they are going to do to try and combat habitat destruction and help endangered animals.

World Wildlife Day resources for the Classroom

More World Wildlife Day Resources

Check out our collection of World Wildlife Day resources to use in the classroom.


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