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Create a Blooming Flower Thank You Gift | Teacher Aide Gift Ideas

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Teaching Assistants have a huge impact on the lives of students. Whether it be a reassuring quiet word or an encouraging gentle hand on a shoulder, they provide support and encouragement to the students who need it most. TA’s provide support to teachers to ensure that students get the most out of their learning experience. They help to keep the classroom environment an organised and tidy place to be and have an endless supply of spare stationery up their sleeve. There’s no doubt about it, Teacher Assistants play a crucial role in the team of educators that we are.

Teacher Assistants answer to many titles and take on many different roles. They are our silent heroes, full-time multitasking Ninja warriors and our flexible friends. TA’s often go the extra mile to ensure the students at our schools get a quality education. For all that they do, we are grateful. It’s important to also appreciate other support staff at your school, the cleaners, administration officers and the amazing volunteers.

National Support Staff Week and Teacher Aide Day, is just one way to recognise and show our appreciation. Why not get creative and give your class the opportunity to craft a little something that means a lot. To show our appreciation for Teaching Assistants and to say a big thank you, we have created a beautiful resource for you to download.

Use our Thanks for Helping Us Grow Flower Templates, to create a personalised bunch of flowers to brighten your TA’s day. If you want to go the extra mile, build a flower arrangement in a pot or teacup to create a blooming great impact.

Thanks for Helping Us Grow Flower Templates

Assembly tips:

  • Place a piece of foam in the bottom of the pot or teacup to secure the straws and hold them in place. Cover the foam with skinny strips of curled green paper.
  • Use a digital copy of the class photo to print the students’ faces for the middle of the flower templates.
  • Source your flowerpot or teacup from a bargain shop. A simple clay garden pot would work just as well.
  • Use paper straws. Ditch the plastic.
  • Use a hole punch to make holes in the leaves and tags. This will make it easier to attach them to the straws.
  • Take advantage of the black and white download option and allow your students to decorate the flowers themselves.

Thanks for Helping Us Grow Flower Templates

Add a special touch by adding a student message that expresses their gratitude by downloading our Thank You Cards – Thank You for Helping Us Grow templates.

Thank You Cards


How do you say thanks to the support staff at your school?

Let us know in the comments section of this blog.


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