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Easy Christmas Wreath Crafts for Kids (Template Download!)

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Are you looking for a quick, easy and VERSATILE Christmas wreath craft for kids?

Well, you’re in luck – we have just the thing!

Often, when you’re creating Christmas craft with your students, the finished product is a little bit… samey. Your kids have put in their all, they’ve followed the instructions, and their work is beautiful! But you can’t deny, something a little more personalised is just a bit… nicer.

We heard you, and we’ve created a great resource that your students can individualise without much fuss. Presenting to you, our Christmas Wreath Template.

Christmas Wreath Craft - Use this template multiple ways

That’s it, no fancy name, no bells and whistles – this resource speaks for itself!

Christmas Wreath Craft for Kids

The beautiful thing about this amazing new resource is that it encourages students to use their imagination to create something wonderful. Giving students autonomy over their work can be a breath of fresh air at this busy time of year.

We’ve come up with a few fresh ways to give your students some ideas of how to decorate this template. Alternatively, provide them with a range of art and craft equipment and let them design their own!


Each wreath can be created quickly and without fuss. Perfect for an afternoon activity or a side-project for fast finishers.

Christmas Collage Wreath

Christmas collage with a twist – this wreath is perfect for younger students who may still be working on their fine motor.

Christmas Wreath Crafts for Kids - Make a paper wreath with Christmas wrapping paper


  • Christmas Wreath Template
  • scraps of Christmas wrapping paper (why not see if families have some leftover from last year?)
  • a Christmas ribbon or embellishment to add the final touches
  • craft glue and brushes

To create:
(Hint – For younger students, pre-cut the circles so that they can simply trim off the excess paper at the end.)

  1. Collage tiny scraps of paper over the wreath template. Try not to leave any gaps!
  2. Once the glue has dried, cut out the circle template (look for it through the back of the card).
  3. Punch a hole in the top of the wreath and affix a ribbon or embellishment. Attach a string if you wish to hang these around your room!

If you don’t have access to Christmas wrapping paper, why not use magazine cut-outs in red, green, white and gold?

Christmas Fabric Wreath

Level up with this nostalgic wreath!

Christmas Wreath Crafts for Kids - Fabric Wreath

Put out the word to families for some Christmas-themed fabric. If there isn’t much going around, head on over to your local haberdashery store for some cheap fabric quarters!

You won’t need many to go around. I cut my fabric into 3cm-thick strips that were about 40cm long, so a little fabric goes a long way.


To create:
(Hint – For younger students, pre-cut the circles so that they can simply trim off the excess paper at the end.)

  1. Pre-cut each wreath template out. Younger students may need help with this step.
  2. Staple one end of a strip of fabric to the wreath. Wrap around so that it moves around the wreath, overlapping slightly.
  3. Where the one-piece ends, start with the next piece. Staple over the ends of both pieces so they’re attached to the wreath.
  4. Once you’ve completely wrapped the wreath in fabric, cover any fabric ends that are visible on the front with the completed Christmas Bauble Templates.

A Natural Wreath

This one’s my personal favourite! I love nature, so bringing it into the classroom is a big win in my book!

Nature Wreath

Send your students on a scavenger hunt, or ask them to bring in things from home. However, MAKE SURE you tell them to take care of nature and only collect things they find on the ground!

The other thing to note is that the items collected won’t stay fresh for long, so make sure they’re scavenged on the day of the activity.


  • Christmas Wreath Template
  • a selection of found natural objects – leaves, flower petals, seed pods etc.
  • coloured pens or pencils
  • craft glue and paintbrushes

To create:

  1. Colour the wreath template a plain green colour/ a base colour of your choice.
  2. Layer a selection of greenery over the green pen. You may need to be patient with your glue and allow it time to dry with the lumpy bumpy foliage.
  3. Decorate around the rest of the wreath with a selection of leaves, flowers and other assorted objects! The more glue, the easier the heavy items will stick to the page.
  4. Allow your creation lots of time to dry so that you don’t lose any of the attachments.

For more ideas on learning with nature, make sure you read our blog Using Natural Resources in the Classroom – Learning with Nature.

Our amazing designer, Pru, took this idea to a whole new level! Why not make a natural wreath together as a class and display it on your classroom door?

Christmas Wreath Craft - Pru's Wreath

For more information on how amazing Pru is, make sure you read this month’s Meet the Designer – Pru Earl.

We hope you and your class enjoy making these amazing Christmas wreath creations!


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