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A Fun Activity to Introduce Magnetism to Children

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I’m very excited to be sharing an activity on Teach Starter today and hope you like our super simple magnet picture which is great for introducing magnetism to children.

To start with you could ask the children to try and work out which materials stick to a magnet and which don’t, maybe even draw a table to show their results.

Remember – not all metals are attracted to magnets, but iron and steel (steel is mostly iron) are.

To make the magnet picture you’ll need:

  • Thick cardboard and paper
  • A Magnet
  • Metal Paperclip
  • Scissors
  • Pens


  • Decide what background you’re going to use, we made an undersea picture.
  • Draw shapes that fit your background.
  • Place a paperclip over the shapes
  • Place the magnet on the other side of the paper to the shape and watch it move around the picture as you move the magnet.

A Fun Activity to Introduce Magnetism to Children

All about Magnetism

Magnets attract some objects but not others and can be different strengths. Can you think of a way to test the strength of a magnet?

Magnets have two poles, we call one the north pole and one the south. Depending on which poles you place together they can either attract each other or repel. Opposite poles attract.

If you liked our magnet picture, you could try a mini magnet maze or how about one of our 50 summer science activity ideas?

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