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Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

As teachers, we all know the benefits of playing games in the classroom, students become more engaged in their learning, taught content can be reinforced and class positivity is increased. In this graphing game, the main objective is to collect data and create a graph of shapes that your students find on a shape hunt around the game board. Plus, it consolidates their recognition of 2D shapes at the same time! Bonus!

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We’re Going on a Shape Hunt Graphing Game

This classroom game is the perfect addition to your maths rotations in the classroom as it is best played in small groups.

Equipment needed:

  • 1 x game board
  • 1 x Shape Hunt Worksheet for each player
  • 1 x dice
  • Counters (buttons)
  • Coloured markers

Tip: No need for expensive counters, grab a bag of mismatched buttons from your local cheap shop to use for your classroom games.

How to play:

  1. Allow each player to choose a counter to place on the ‘Start’ star. The youngest player has the first turn.
  2. The first player rolls the dice, then moves their counter the corresponding number of squares on the game board.
  3. Using the Shape Hunt Worksheet, the first player records the shape that they have landed on in the graph provided e.g. rectangle, diamond, octagon, oval, square, pentagon, circle or triangle.
  4. Play continues with the next player rolling the dice, moving their counter the corresponding number of squares and recording the shape that they have landed on in their graph.
  5. The first player to reach the ‘Finish’ star is the winner.
  6. Once play has finished, students can then complete the questions on the worksheet about the shapes they have ‘hunted’ during the game.

Encourage your students to discuss their answers with their group. Ask them to look at each other’s graphs and see how they are similar and how they are different, encourage them to discuss why their graphs might be different.

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