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How to Use a Mailbox in the Classroom

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Creating a DIY classroom mailbox is something that is a popular addition to classrooms, especially in the early years. But, apart from sitting there looking pretty, how are classroom mailboxes really used in the classroom setting?

Surprisingly, spending the time creating a mailbox for your classroom has a number of benefits, plus, they are cheap and easy to decorate.

How to Make a Classroom Mailbox

Here is our most favourite, cheap and easy way to create a classroom mailbox. For just $12.45, you can pick up a gorgeous white mailbox from Bunnings. You can then spray paint it a brighter colour or leave it crisp and white.

Now all you need to do is let your creative juices flow! By using one of our classroom theme packs you can customise some labels. The gorgeous wooden letters in the bottom right-hand corner were purchased from a local cheap shop.

Template tip: I used a word wall template for the main mailbox sign and a name tag template for the other words.

Here are some designs that might help with your mailbox decoration fun:

Check out @learn_digital_with_kim_maslin on Instagram. She used our monster theme pack to decorate her classroom mailbox.

Notes from Home

Encourage your students to get into the routine of putting any notes from home in the classroom mailbox as they enter the classroom. This is the perfect solution to the issue of notes ending up on your desk, which, let’s face it, are probably going to get lost in the huge amount of paperwork that will land on your desk throughout the day!

 Safe Zone

I like the idea of creating a safe zone within the letterbox. Provide some paper and pencil, students can write notes to you at any time about anything. It may be something they are feeling anxious about or something that may be bothering them. The letters could also be a way to celebrate their own successes.

This set up by Teaching In Progress is gorgeous. The flag on the letterbox is used to show to her that she needs to check for a note when the flag is up.

Letters to Friends

Student’s thrive on having a purpose for their writing. Allowing them to write notes to their friends or teacher and putting it in the classroom mailbox is a fantastic way to get them writing!

I would set this up as a morning routine. Once they have put things away in the correct spots, they could sit down and write a nice letter or comment to one of their classmates. Encourage kindness, while practicing their writing. The perfect combination!

Kudos Notes / Shout Outs

Celebrate good behaviour or successes throughout the day. Writing small shout out notes to your students throughout the day is a nice little surprise for them before they go home for the day!

It’s also a great way to let your students’ parents know of little successes their children have had during the school day. You may like to use our feedback labels pre-cut and ready to go to save you time.

We would love to hear how you use a classroom mailbox? Share your ideas below.


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