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Maths Investigation - Let's Play Mini Golf Financial Mathematics

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This maths investigation requires students to apply their knowledge and understanding of measurement and financial planning in a real-world situation. Let’s Play Mini Golf requires students to create a detailed diagram using measurements and a financial plan for their very own mini-golf hole.


The beauty of using our printable mathematics investigations in the classroom is that students are learning and consolidating their knowledge of particular mathematics topics. All while having fun with a real-life scenario!

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Printable Maths Investigations Ready to Go

Each of our printable mathematics investigations includes everything you need, including:

  • Teacher notes detailing a range of important information about the investigation.
  • A detailed description of the investigation for students, including a step-by-step set of instructions.
  • Any worksheets required and reflection questions to complete at the end of the investigation.

Here is a selection of some of our maths investigations:

Maths Investigation Goodness – Financial Mathematics and Measurement

When you hear the terms financial mathematics and measurement, they’re not the most exciting topics to teach, let alone learn about, right? Well, that’s where maths investigation goodness like this little beauty comes in handy!

In this investigation, students must use their knowledge and understanding of a range of mathematical concepts to design a mini golf hole for their backyard.

Maths Investigation for Financial Maths

Part of the download includes a two-page document for the students to read. It also includes a quick snapshot of the scenario, the task, a clear set of conditions and the procedure!

You may like to tee off (see what I did there?) with a whole class discussion. Pull apart this document so that the students have a clear understanding of what is expected of them during this investigation.

Print this out on large A3 paper and display this in the middle of your mathematics display board. Students can then display all of their plans and working on the board once finished. Why not show off at a classroom open night with their parents?!

Downloadable Maths Investigation - Financial Maths

Let’s Get Planning!

Firstly, students are required to submit a detailed diagram and financial plan for their mini-golf hole using the worksheets and supplementary materials provided.

When planning their golf hole, there are a number of conditions they need to consider:

  • The mini golf hole must occupy a total area of between 7 square metres and 8 square metres.
  • At least 70% of the mini golf hole must be surfaced with short grass.
  • The shape of the mini golf hole must have more than 4 sides. No quadrilaterals allowed!
  • The boundary of the mini golf hole must consist of straight lines only.
  • The mini golf hole must contain at least one novelty item and one flag hole.

Maths Investigation - Financial Maths

Once your students have designed their golf hole they need to go shopping at Gavin’s Golf Gear for the equipment and novelty items. They’ll also need surface and boundary materials! Their conditions for this include:

  • They must purchase enough clubs and balls for the family members they’ll be playing with.
  • Materials and equipment must be purchased from Gavin’s Golf Gear using the catalogue provided.
  • And, for a hole in one – they must not exceed the budget of $600.

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