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Number Line Activities for the Classroom

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Number lines – they are a staple in so many maths lessons! Number lines are wonderful for teaching so many concepts – from the ordering of numbers, addition and subtraction, to even negative numbers – there really is no end to their usefulness! But, when you teach them year after year, finding fun and engaging number line activities can become a bit of a chore.

Number Line activities

We love number lines so much that we have our own Number Line Resource Collection! Because we know you’d love a refresh of this staple in your classroom, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite number line resources and activities. We can’t wait to help you and your student make the most of this important learning strategy!

Fun Number Line Activities for the Classroom

Here we’ve got a selection of number line resources to suit your every need! From Foundation up to Middle Years, there’s something for everyone.

Place Value and Counting

Any Early Years teacher knows that the concept of place value is cemented by the use of manipulatives and teaching tools which help students visualise numbers!

And, you got it, these include number lines.

Introduce number lines to your students with our Number Lines Powerpoint.

Then, jump into some fun games! Number Line Car Race is a fun game that will teach your students place value and help them to locate numbers on a number line.

Number Line activities - Car Race

Once your kids have mastered ordering their numbers, get them on to skip counting with our Skip Counting Posters and Skip Counting Number Line!

Number Line activities - Skip Counting

If you want to specifically focus on 2 digit numbers, don’t forget to check out our Two Digit Number Line Activity with prompt cards!

Number Line activities

Jump Strategy

This is for the students who are ready for more than just place value!

Addition and Subtraction doesn’t have to be tricky when you use number lines to teach the “jump strategy“.

Number Line activities - Jump Strategy Game

Our Jump Strategy Subtraction Game goes hand in hand with the Jump Strategy Addition Worksheet!

Why not encourage your students to create their own themed jump strategy game?

Number Line activities - Jump Strategy - Addition

More addition and subtraction activities using number lines:

Fractions and Positive and Negative Number Lines

Don’t forget about the big kids!

As students get older and need less visual tools to help them with counting, they may not have as much need for number lines. That is until you introduce new tricky topics such as negative and positive numbers and fractions!

Number Line activities - Number Line Fractions

We have just the thing to help your older students out – our Fraction Number Line – Halves, Quarters and Eights, Fraction Number Line – Halves, Fifths and Tenths and Fractions Number Line – Thirds, Sixths and Twelfths! These resources are suitable mature for your older students – simply display on your whiteboard during maths lessons or print on A5 size for a student-reference resource.

Visualising negative numbers is easy with our great collection of Positive and Negative Number Lines:

Open Number Lines

If you’re looking for something open-ended to help your students practise their new number line activities, then our Number Lines Worksheet – Portrait and Number Lines Worksheet – Landscape are just the thing.

These worksheets can be used to reinforce a range of strategies, from addition and subtraction to ordering fractions.

Number Line activities - Blank number lines

Why not give your students our Number Line Frogs to keep on their desk to get them started?

Number Line Displays

Speaking of number line prompts, we have so many helpful resources for you to display around your classroom or on your students’ desks!

I could go on and on about how helpful these are, but I thought I’d just let the resources speak for themselves…

Image of Number Line - 0-120

teaching resource

Number Line - 0-120

A number line with numbers 0-120 for desks.

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageYears: F - 3

Looking for more Number Line Activities?

Make sure to check out our Number Line Resource Collection!


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