Positive Affirmation Posters for the Classroom

Positive Affirmation Posters

Written by Emma (Teach Starter)

How are you feeling for the upcoming school year, teachers? Motivated? Happy? Perhaps you are looking for a little bit of a boost to get you and your students into a positive mindset from the very start of the term. We hear you, and we’ve created a classroom display to help you do just that! Please welcome our positive affirmation posters for the classroom – our Affirmation Classroom Display Cards.

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Positive Affirmation Posters

The beautifully designed posters are just one of many resources featured in our Affirmations Classroom Theme Pack. Jam-packed with an amazing array of useful classroom resources, this theme pack will surely get your class in a positive frame of mind for the school year!

How To Use Positive Affirmation Posters in the Classroom

Using positive affirmations in your day to day classroom routine can go a long way to build a supportive, mindful classroom environment. So, you and your students will benefit from daily reminders that you are all capable of so much! These Affirmation Posters for the Classroom are big, bright and beautiful. They will make any classroom shine with positivity!

Positive Affirmation Posters

In her blog, Positive Affirmation Cards for Kids | #Growthmindset, Ali explores exactly why positive affirmations for kids are so helpful. Using messages that promote resilience and a growth mindset can help your students overcome their learning challenges. This is why positive affirmation posters for the classroom can help students build their self-esteem and motivation, and banish that negative self-talk once and for all.

Affirmation Classroom Display Cards – 3 Ways

There are so many ways that you can use our Affirmation Classroom Display Cards! What’s important, is that you use them in a way that will benefit you and your class the most. Here, we’ve put together three simple ways that you might like to feature these positive affirmation posters for the classroom.

#1 Display Them Around Your Whiteboard

Why not place these positivity posters around your classroom whiteboard?

Each day when your students settle down for their lessons, they will be looking directly at these motivational messages.

Tricky work on the board? With a quick glance at these positive affirmation posters, your students will know they can learn anything if they put their minds to it!

Positive Affirmation Posters - display on a whiteboard

#2 Affirmation Cards for Student Desks

Do you have a student who may need a little bit of an extra boost?

Place an A5 print out of our Affirmation Classroom Display Cards in the corner of their desk.

Positive Affirmation Posters - put them on a student's desk

Whenever they need a little boost, they will have a powerful motivational message right there at their disposal. Why not leave a card on each student’s desk to start the year off on a positive note?

#3 Doorway Affirmation Cards

These cards aren’t just for academic motivational pick-me-ups!

Sometimes kids need a little bit of positivity to help them remember that they are valued in other ways.

Reminding students that they are an integral member of the class and that their perspective is valued is just as important as encouraging them to overcome challenges with their learning.

Positive Affirmation Posters - display them on a doorway

Placing these affirmation cards around your class doorway can help give your students these reminders as they enter the classroom, or as they leave to go to the playground. Your students will be given a gentle nudge to believe in themselves and their value as a person.

It’s amazing what the power of positivity can do for our students!

If you love the Affirmation Classroom Display Cards, check out some of the other resources in our Affirmations Classroom Theme Pack:

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