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Hot Off the Press Homophones Posters!

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We all love a good homophones poster, don’t we! Because, let’s face it, learning how to read and right, I mean, write in English can shore be, I mean, sure be a challenge! In order to help your students get their heads around some of the most common homophones in English, we have created a brand new Homophones Teaching Resource Pack. The pack contains 14 professionally illustrated homophones posters depicting situations that help make sense of each homophone set.

Homophones Posters Resource Pack

How to use Homophone Posters in the Classroom

There are really so many things you can do with homophones! Aside from helping students learn to identify individual meanings, you can use homophones as a fun prompt for language play, writing and other literacy activities. Here are three ways you could use this awesome new Homophones Posters Resource Pack in your classroom.

Homophones Display

There are a few ways you could use these homophone posters in the classroom… The first and most obvious one is to create a homophones display!

Homophones Posters Classroom Display

Homophones Student Reference Flip-Book

You could also print out the Homophones Reference Cards and attach them to a card ring for students to use during writing activities.

Homophones Reference Cards on Rings

Homophones Poster as a Writing Prompt

You could also use these beautiful homophones posters as a writing prompt. Not only are some wonderful elements of context introduced in the speech bubbles, but also in the illustrations too.

Homophones posters with writing planning sheets

Students could shape a text in any appropriate genre including:

  • a narrative piece
  • a fictitious personal recount
  • a comic book narrative
  • a script
  • a poem.

Here are some the writing planning resources your students could use to help plan their writing:

There you go! We hope some of these ideas help you to maximise all that these resources contain – not only the explanations of each set of homophones but also the illustrations as prompts for creative thinking and writing activities too!

Homophones Banner with poster set

Have you downloaded the Homophones Posters Resource Pack?

Which is your favourite poster?


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