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Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

4 Ways to Use the IKEA Tolsby Frame in the Classroom

This is classroom organisation at its best! The IKEA Tolsby frame is a bandwagon you want to jump on! Costing all of $2.99 per frame, they have a multitude of uses within the classroom. Plus, you can sneak in a little visit to IKEA…

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We loved the idea of using the frame as a flipchart frame so much, that we even re-created some of our most popular English and Mathematics display posters in the correct size for the IKEA Tolsby frame.

Display Mini Classroom Posters in the Tolsby Frame

IKEA Tolsby Frames in the Classroom

Let’s face it, there are always so many visual displays and posters that we want to display in our classroom! But sometimes, in fact, most of the time, we run out of space…

This is where the IKEA Tolsby frame comes in handy. By picking some posters that the students will need to refer to daily and placing it on their desks, it will ensure they have the information they need right in front of them and will prevent students getting up and moving around the classroom.

The best part is, you can pick a handful of posters and create a flipping display! Students can flip through the posters to find the one visual aide they require.

Simply take out the plastic inserts and purchase some silver key rings. Then, it’s simply a matter of using a hole punch to punch holes in the tops of the posters and attaching them to the frames.

But first, you need posters to be the correct size, yes, you can print four to an A4 page and that’s a pretty good size. Or, you can simply download our Tolsby Frame Numeracy Poster Pack or Tolsby Frame Literacy Poster Pack.

Display Group Names in the Tolsby Frame

Tolsby Frames in the Classroom

Within the classroom environment, you will often have small groups.

In my classroom, I arranged my desks into groups, each group was given a name and they could achieve points for good behaviour. It was also a great way to ensure that transitions went smoothly, I would often send students back to their desks in their groups. A simple, yet effective classroom organisation strategy.

The Tolsby frame is the perfect way to display each of the groups’ names. Good for the teacher (to remember) and also for relief teachers that may come into your classroom.

I created these colour group names using our customisable page borders – spots, and then I printed them four to a page – easy!

Display Positivity Quotes in the Tolsby Frame

Free positivity posters for the classroom

What a fantastic way to encourage your students to think in a positive frame of mind.

We have a range of printable positivity posters, that work beautifully in the Tolsby Frames. All you need to do is make sure your printer settings are set to 4 to a page to get the correct size.

Encourage your students to start the day and continue the day with a positive growth mindset by displaying these beautiful quotes and reminders on their desks.

Display Activities in the Tolsby Frame

Activities in the IKEA Tolsby Frame

Our collection of Fast Finisher Task Cards fit perfectly in the Tolsby Frame, and what an amazing organisational idea for your classroom.

A fantastic to ensure that those students that finish set tasks are kept busy by displaying your chosen fast finisher activity for them in the same position each lesson. This creates routine, students know what to expect and what to do when they have finished their work.

Do you use the IKEA Tolsby frame? We would love to hear your hacks in the comments below.

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