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The Ultimate Numbers 1-10 Classroom Display

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Stop. look and listen! This is an important announcement for early years teachers who are introducing numbers 1-10 in their classrooms!

To celebrate Little Learners Month, we have created the ultimate numbers 1-10 classroom display.  And believe me, when I say,  it’s got it all! Check it out!


Everything You Need

So it all started with an important question… how can we help students to connect number names, numerals and quantities, initially up to 10? And the answer was to create our new Introducing the Numbers 1–10 Classroom Display.

This teaching resource is the total package. It’s curriculum-aligned and it includes all of the components for the classroom display in one easy download.

Bodacious Banner

This numbers 1-10 classroom display is so easy to put together.

To kick start your numbers 1-10 display, we have included a colourful and interactive title banner. With the help of some velcro, you can change the number digit as you introduce numbers 1-10.

Display banners are a great way to theme a space in your classroom. So click on the download drop-down arrow to find this interactive banner!

Having banner printing issues? Here’s how to print them over multiple pages – How to Print Banners Over Multiple Pages.

Serious About Subitising

Subitising forms an essential part of developing a strong number sense. And so it’s crucial that as students are introduced to numbers 1-10, they are given the opportunity to relate numbers to actual items or groups of objects.

The process of subitising can also be used with seeing parts in the whole. This is important because an understanding of the part-part-whole enables children to separate and combine numbers. And this is the perfect platform for addition and subtraction.

For more essential information on this crucial element of number sense, read Holly’s blog Subitising Activities for Kids | The Importance of Teaching Subitising.

Counting On Your Fingers

Thank goodness the days of discouraging kids to use their fingers to count are over. In fact, little fingers are probably one of our students’ most useful visual aids. What’s more, research has shown that the finger area of our brain is used well into adulthood.

Researchers found that when 6-year-olds improved the quality of their finger representation, they improved in arithmetic knowledge, particularly skills such as counting and number ordering.

Because using fingers for counting is so useful, we’ve made it a feature of this display. So, as you introduce numbers 1-10, don’t forget to encourage your students to show you each number on their fingers.

Looking for ways to encourage your students to use fingers to count? Don’t miss our Hands and Numbers 1-10 Template


For more information read Holly’s blog The Best Hands-On Activity for Numbers to 10.

Number Lines

You’ve gotta love an empty number line! Number lines are a powerful visual tool for mathematics in the early years and beyond! And that is why we have included a number line as part of this classroom display.

When you first introduce your students to a number line, it’s a good idea to show a line extending in both directions without referring to the left side of 0 (the origin). By doing so you’ll create wonderful opportunities to develop problem-solvingreasoning skills and mathematical vocabulary. For example, ask open questions such as:

  • How could we label this number line?
  • What is the value if each interval?
  • Where could we mark zero?
  • What number comes before and after the given number?

What Else?

As well as the above, Introducing the Numbers 1–10 Classroom Display includes the following representations of the numbers 1–10, with corresponding labels:

  • as a digit and a word
  • in tally marks
  • on a ten frame
  • as a collection of blocks.

Pretty impressive huh?

To sum it up, this new Introducing the Numbers 1–10 Classroom Display is the early years teaching resource that just keeps on giving! I’ll go as far as to say, you’d be nuts not to use it in your classroom!

This resource is like a mathematics curriculum cake made of the perfect ingredients and with sprinkles on top!

We hope that you love it as much as we do.

Download it now!


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